Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the essentials of a good baby carrier?

One that can hold an unwinding cake of yarn, of course!!

I've been knitting a lot with Toby in the stretchy wrap but the trailing ball of yarn was always a bit of an issue. How incredibly happy was I when I discovered that the hood of the ergo doubles as a very handy ball holder and the yarn unwinds very easily from it. Excellent!  My knitting has just become even more portable.. hehehehe
As for the little baby, he has developed more than a passing fascination with the wool winder. If he's any where near it he tries to grab it and play with the handle crank, which is all very cute ... just as long as there's no yarn on it or I'm actually trying to wind a cake of yarn.  

I've even discovered that if he's unsettled watching yarn being balled is strangely calming for him.  I wonder if it has anything to do with me knitting in labour ....


  1. Gosh, he's so cute. Maybe he'll grow up to be a yarnie too?

  2. u r such a clever lady - why didn't i think of that when i had JD in a carrier?????

  3. Gorgeous! Those blue eyes are so cute! Glad to hear that your knitting is so portable now as well - necessity is the mother of invention right??

  4. fabulous george:)I have found the ergo to be my fav carrier for hanging out the washing! It the least restrictive for arm movement. Not nearly has exciting as portable knitting but hey....

    Oh and look at thelittle man all grown up with a bib on in the high chair. Sheesh we better get ours cleaned up so he can make use of it when you visit


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