Tuesday, May 26, 2009

fruits of the season

two contrasting images from the garden...
signalling the changing of the seasons as autumn drifts into winter

The last of the tomatoes.
These have served us well this summer and have provided endless fodder for Lily who picked and ate nearly every tomato that ripened straight from the bush. She does like tomatoes. The one or two that I did get to sample were delicious.

Once the stems start to whither and die back you know the yield is nearly over.

and this is incredibly exciting for us, our first lemon yield!

We live close to the beach and it is notoriously difficult to grow lemons here apparently, everyone has told me it takes a few years for the lemon trees to establish themselves and fruit. We've had fruit from all our other trees; apples, peaches, nectarines and olives. But never lemons, not in the six years the trees have been in.  

This year our little lemon tree is positively sagging with lemons, how awesomely fabulous!!! No more bought lemons for us!  

Everyone should have a lemon tree in their garden.

The last of the leaves are dropping from our other fruit trees, and Andy picked the last of the apples a few days ago.  

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  1. Ohh, great lemons! :) Planting citrus is right up there on my list of things to do, now that we've bought a home. Though, living where I do, citrus should be easy peasy ;)


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