Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fairy Park

I've been meaning to post these photos for a few weeks, they're from a little family outing one weekend to Fairy Park in Anakie just out of Geelong, which is far more famous for being the place where Mad Max was filmed (Anakie that is).  Anyway, we weren't too sure what to expect from Fairy Park; we hadn't really heard much about it so were prepared for a dodgy experience parallel to Kryal Castle in Ballarat.

But we were pleasantly surprised. At the end of the day big tough Daddy even commented that his cheekbones were sore from smiling so much. For us, it was a pretty fabulous and magical place ~ a really special place that has had so much obvious care and love poured into it and completely lacking in commercialism.  We loved the efforts to bring each of the different fairy tales to life, and the detail to attention in the grounds. Pretty special!!

And for the little Princess loving rainbow child, well she was in princess heaven; she got to see her favourites Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  

I love this photo of her in absolute awe at the first of the fairy tale animations; Snow White. Her only concern was that Snow White normally has short hair and in this one she had long hair.

The attention to the architecture was incredible, so many castle like buildings and all those cobblestone paths!! I love the brightness of this pink castle, perfect for a princess!
A lot of the animations/exhibitions are housed in either parts of small castles or small houses like this one; this is the Three Bears' house.
Even the lunch area was well planned, we took a picnic lunch and ate at one of the hundreds of picnic tables.  There were a couple of huge shelters for BBQs and wet weather to eat in as well; castle shaped of course!  

Lily's getting a bit of exercise after gutsing down her lunch.

Love this draw bridge!
Adn to top it all off, once you've wandered through all the animations (which I haven't included many pics of here as you can see them on the website and they're hard to photograh LOL) there's an awesome playground to explore!! Slides, swings, you can climb up through the castle walls, seesaws, whirly things and heaps more.  
Oh, and check out this cheeky little guy flashing his bum, Lily laughed and laughed over him!!
And of course the place wouldn't be complete without little fairies scattered everywhere to be found.


  1. Wow this place looks great, I'll have to remember it next time we are in Victoria

  2. Anakie Fairy Park is always so nice. I took my son when he was about 3 years old, and he loved it. Then we took my daughter a couple of years ago now. I noticed that they had done a lot of restoring to it, and had painted everything and it looked so much better than the first time we had been. My daugther was just looking at those pictures and saying she doesnt remember it. Perhaps another trip to refresh her memory is needed. I love the gnome flashing his bum, I dont seem to remember him from last time.

  3. Oooh my kids would love that!! I think this is an 'after baby arrives' day out, as my poor ankles couldn't handle all the walking right now!

  4. What a great day out, I think a drive from Ballarat is in order!

  5. oh George Tuly is going to be so excited when she see's these pics. Oh my goodness, she's busting to see Lily as it is but when she hears she gets to see Lily AND go to a fairy/princess park on her birthday far out her little eyes are just gonna pop out of her head.

    Gorgeous pics of the little rainbow girl there!

  6. I have a photo of myself sitting in front of the three bears cottage in the 1970's and it hasn't changed a bit...that's so sweet!

  7. What a wonderful day out! The Fairy Park reminds me of a place in Port MacQuarie that we used to go to when we were kids - Fantasy Glades. Sadly it isn't there anymore.

  8. That looks like a great place to visit, I'll have to remember it next time we take a holiday down south.

  9. I have so many memories of Fairy Park, both of myself as a kid and now as a family :) It sure is one of those special places!!

  10. wow that place looks magical! I will have to go one day.


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