Friday, June 06, 2008

I do have a wooden heart

This post of three buttons about finding heart shapes in random places reminded me of something the sometimes romantic one dragged me out to his shed to show me last weekend.

A wooden heart! Cut as a round from a log.

This arrived at our place coincidentally already painted in this reddish colour. I'm assuming it's an off-cut from FIL's mill, he paints the ends of logs he's going to mill into planks and then turn into lovely stuff  (it's a lovely cycle of construction from felling the timber, to milling it to creating furniture) ~ I think maybe it stops the log from cracking or something, but then again I could be making that up a little!!  

FIL and MIL came down a few weekends ago to babysit Lily while we went to an engagement party and they bought with them a load of wood FIL had cut for us ~ I know, how very very lucky and spoilt are we!!!! 

After unloading the wood Andy found this piece, and in his romantic manner put it aside in his shed. I wonder if he'll sacrifice it when it's the middle of winter and it's our last piece of wood LOL 

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