Sunday, June 01, 2008

dinosaur love

I've been trying to get some applique for some fleece longies done this weekend. Yesterday afternoon I had a series of appliques cut and all laid out on the fleece legs ready to be sewn. Only problem was that when I went to sew them, some of them had disappeared. Now I can be a little creatively untidy when I sew, and the pregnancy brain certainly doesn't help, but I was sure I'd left them all laid out.

I did find them shortly after, this little dinosaur was tucked away in his "forest" with the little Miss reading him stories.  The shark too, was looking on. I think this child spends too much time hanging out with her mother while sewing LOL
Lily was quite attached to the dinosaur, she had helped me choose what sort of dinosaur to draw after we sat down and looked through Dinotopia, so I guess it was only a natural response. (And yes, it is a very loose translation of a Brachiosaurus) I must say though, for a princess-mad fairy-loving tot, I was a little surprised she was so taken with the whole dinosaur thing, and had a great time talking about stomping and ensured me she loved him so very much!  
Finally, I was able to pry him out of her hands and sew him on.  He's pretty cute I think.  So here's what I've been working on, unfortunately, only two of these pairs are for the shop.  The rest are customs, including Lily's seastars which she is very excited about!

And a pair of black hemp wide legs that are for the shop. The pockets are made from recycled imported kimonos.  Gosh, it is sooo hard to photograph black accurately!!


  1. Those Appliques are very cute. Lily has great taste like her mum :) My Lilly is also infamous for taking off with my fabric bits.

  2. love em all tik. Tully would go sick for that strawberry. loving how you mix the fabric with the fleece for applique.

    Lily is way too cute and I love her outfit! She STILL loves that hat LOL

  3. I'd make her a pair Megsie, but I don't know if that fit into the princess clothing category LOL Might have to make her a pinnie with a strawberry on it ;) Have you measured her lately? LOL

  4. opps *blush* today I promise. You know they would be classifeid as princess material if they had a skirt attached. Gee our girls would have loved that trend! But fleece skants..hmmmmmm weird

  5. love love love the dinosaur, please say they are a large size 2 for a boy who is almost 3. Love love love them. Did I mention that I love them

  6. I could say that Rebecca, but I'd be lying LOL They're a size 1 but they are heading over SA way ;) I will do some more dinosaurs and some custom fleece pants for bigger and custom sizes for the TT kiddies :D


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