Monday, June 16, 2008

some customs

Thought I might share a couple of photos of some customs that I've been finishing off lately. These will explain why there hasn't been a lot of stock added to the shop of late.

Firstly, an appliqued pinnie. I don't usually do custom requests for pinnies as these are a special item, but this is for a special little girl who is about to turn four later this week. Luckily for her she has a very lovely mum who makes absolutely stunning nappies and just happens to be a very nice person also; so I negotiated for some new small nappies for our little bub.:D

This little set was a request from another lovely mum who has a bit of a thing for this dragon fabric. I was out of this fabric when she requested this custom, but luckily was able to track down a handful of charm squares so I could fulfill her request. This little boy is also going to be the recipient of the dinosaur fleece longies you saw previewing a couple of posts ago that Lily grew quite attached to. 

These are a little pair of size 00 fleece longies for a little girl who is one half of a set of twins. They have one size 00s between them already, now they'll have a pair each. Again, a request from another very lovely mummy who I'm hoping is getting a bit more sleep of late. Twin mums are bloody amazing I must say!!! 

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  1. i peeked LOL. wow love them all, fabulous work tikki!


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