Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oriental Lily Dress

Pattern: my own
Size: Child 2-3
Yarn: Utiku Multicolours ~ Watermelon ~ 8 ply ~ 200grams
            Cleckheaton Country 8 ply ~ green ~ 20 grams
Needles: KnitPicks Interchangable 4mm with 60cm and 80cm cords
Another little dress pattern I've created for my little Rainbow girl. I have so many lots of 200grams of different yarn, leftover from knitting longies so it's always fun to find or create a quick easy knit that can use up this part of my stash.  

I started working on this pattern way back at the start of the year, I drew some sketches and started playing around with the pattern a little. I was inspired by the bevy of little baby kimono style jackets that are really popular in the knitting world at the moment as well as the seamless knitting techniques espoused by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Then morning sickness entered, and the pattern went on hold.

I picked it up again here and there, and at the started of June switched the yarn I was using to this utiku; cast on again and started working through my instructions and ideas pages, with lots of ripping and rewriting. It's not a difficult dress, but I think at times my pregnant brain may have blurred my mathematical thinking and made me more inclined to errors. 

Lily was really helpful at trying on the dress as it progressed, and the excitement of her new dress really built for her as it grew. Finally I finished it yesterday, sitting in front of the fire on a very wet and cold wintery day.
I've started another dress in the same pattern, and am writing it out in a sensical manner as I go so will add the pattern here, once it's a bit more legible. Hoping to find some time to work it out and test knit it in some smaller sizes too.


  1. That is gorgeous. My 3yr old is here saying you should make me one mummy.

  2. That is divine! I would love one for my Lily - can't wait for the pattern ;)

  3. Oh wow, that is so gorgeous...and what fantastic colours too!

  4. Please do write out the pattern! I'd love to have a go at it - it's gorgeous!

  5. omfg tik I'm in serious jealous overload. This is my fav wooly goodness of yours yet. The colours are perfect for the style. Far out I wish I was gifted with the knitting gene. grumble grumble grumble...... I was so pleased with the little scarf I finished last night. Now I feel pathetic lol

  6. OMG it's so gorgeous!!! Can't wait for the pattern! I know I can't knit LOL but I'll get someone to do it for me!

  7. Wow Tik! Love it so much!! I can imagine a cotton shorter version for those of us in the sub-tropics.

    Happy to put my hand up as a test knitter :D

  8. now if i knitted i would be knitting my little lady one
    it's the sweetest :)

  9. She looks warm, cozy and really groovy! Nice work.

  10. This is gorgeous!! I have a 12mth old....if you need someone to help you test knit a smaller size it would be no problem! Love your work

  11. Thanks everyone :)

    Hoping to get around to adding the pattern either later tonight or tomorrow. Think I've worked the smaller sizes too, so will be looking for some test knitters :)

  12. That dress is gorgeous, I'll be checking back for the pattern every day now!!


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