Sunday, June 01, 2008

First day of Winter

and some images from our garden
Drooping Sheoak in flower (allocasuarina verticilata) 

wood cut for the combustion heater

yellowgum in flower (eucalyptus leucoxlyn ssp. bellarinsia)
This sub species of the yellow gum is only found on the Bellarine Peninsula, 
unfortunately there's not many left.

Coastal Banksia (banksia integrifolia) 
The first winter flower high up in the tree.

Correa 'Dusky Bells'

Possum Banksia (banksia baueri)
I love the flowers on this shrub, they're huge, this one is nearly as big as my head!

Rosemary ( from the herb garden)

Three year old pretending to be scared of a tiny spider on the outdoor setting.

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