Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just uploaded two auctions to preview...

Finally I have had the time this week to finish adding the details and measurements to the Playtime Geisha Pinafore, the preparations for and RNW have kept me so busy the past two weeks.

Have also added Apple of your Eye baby doll and flared pants set. This is very cute I think!!! The idea is that you can wear the little baby doll top as a dress and then add the pants, a tshirt, long sleeved top or cardigan as the weather cools down. I really like the flare that I've got on these pants after playing around a bit with the bootleg pattern.

We have Megsie and her family here at the moment while her fellow is in Costa Rica talking about flowers. Hoping to get some special stuff happening next week if the little people cooperate LOL. Let's hope so!!! You know it's been so busy here, I didn't even get a chance to make Lily her birthday dress and I bought the most gorgeous carousel fabric. She's had a great week :D She got a retro rocking horse, it is sooo cute and she just adores it!! Lots of books, and other bits and pieces. Oh, and I bought her the most stunning little top made out of the coolest knit fabric with little horses on it. Tomorrow she's having a ride on the carousel, then down to the gardens on the Thomas train, and a picnic in the kids play area with a couple of her little friends. Should be heaps of FUN!!!!

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