Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Playtime Geishas ~ time to say goodbye

CONFESSION:~ I am a shocking fabric hoarder. I actually should take a guilt photo to expose my guilty pleasure. I have loads, and I mean LOADS, of fabric hiding under my sewing desk that has been hoarded for ages simply because it is soooo stunning I can't bear to cut it and don't know if I'll ever be able to get it again. Every now and then I have a blitz and decide it's time to part with some of my favourites... now is one of those times.

so first up it's this stunning imported quilters cotton featuring these little Japanese girls playing ball, it's been hiding for nearly a year *blush*

So this is what it has become

pockets for a pair of size 1 denim jeans. (going live 9pm tomorrow night ...shhh)

and.... my favourite *sigh*

I love this dress, and seen as it's so special I think it deserves its own auction.
So why don't I keep it for Lily? Gosh, maybe I should, I really want to... but then again, you should see the fabric I have hoarded to make dresses for her PMSL

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