Friday, March 02, 2007

Last night's efforts in today's light

Rev It Up Velour Polar Fleece Longies
It felt nice to be appliquing with fleece again, it is a very nice medium to applique with I find. And I love the velour polar fleece, it's very lush and pattable.

Fleece longies are great, they're a less precious alternative to wool longies. You can just throw them in the machine and don't have to worry about them getting snagged on anything or too trashed by outside play. They just go over the top of a cloth nappy, no need for any other cover :D

Anyway, I like this motorbike, it turned out well!

Rip It Up Shorts
I wrote in my listing that these were a homage to the surfing lads, which I'm sure most people will go "huh?" lol Why the name? Not really sure, maybe a little praise to the surfing fashion industry for the part it has played in the revival of plaid and pinstripes, well, actually to be honest they were a little behind, but they did help them go mainstream, around these parts at least. Now I'm rambling.

But I do like plaid and I do like pinstripes. There should be more plaid in this world, I love contrasting the seriousness and preppiness of plaid with something really alternative or bright, these would look great with a bright pink or red tshirt ~ Lily's mother sucka tshirt would be perfect lol

Plaid should be seen as a challenge, an invite to rebel, it's a nice word just to say, plaid, plaid, plaid, I think I could say it all day

.... gee, I can talk some crap!!!!


  1. Why oh why are those longies not a 2. They are so cute and ideal for the product of a revhead family.

  2. i LOVE those plaid shorts.. you wouldn't like to give us an idea of *when* we'll see them live would you ;)

  3. Oh sorry Sam, I put them up tonight. But there will be some more variations ;)

  4. ah bugger :( I noticed them gone today ah well!.. they were very very cool!


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