Monday, May 10, 2010

why spam blogs?

I just don't get it.
I've just spent the last little while removing spammy comments from my blog. grrrrr. They really piss me off, I tell you!!!! I just don't get it, do they seriously think me or one of my readers is going to click on their chines hyperlinked symbols or their strange comments that have no relation to the post whatsoever! why?
stupid spammers!!!

I know, I know I could turn on the moderation but I really don't want to have to so I'll say it here...


Particularly you, Gerald F Rotter.

And you know what, I bet I get spammy comments in this post too.

To end on a nicer note and because every post needs a photo, here's one of the cutest boy around.


  1. Very cute photo indeed!

    I had my first spammy comment last week, I hope it was also my last...

  2. I was getting them too, so now I've made it so that when someone comments I need to approve it. You can just delete the dodgy comments all in one hit. Funny thing is, since I changed this I haven't had one LOL

  3. I too have had a few :( and yup they tick me off too! I have comments moderation on for any post older than 2 weeks.

    And yup a very cute little boy!

  4. They spam blogs, 'cause they aren't smart enough to have their own blog. 'cause no one would read their spamming stuff.

    Spam the spammers!!! This photo is funny:

  5. Very cute photo and yes I hate the spammers too.

  6. I agree - I have word verification and moderate comments and they have gone away - yes an extra step - but also means that I dont miss any if someone leaves a message on an older post. Spammers be gone for you!

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