Thursday, May 20, 2010

creative space...

very little happening in my space today, a little sewing of some new pants, and when I say little, I seriously mean little.  One child on the lap while sewing I'm now quite adverse at, but today it was the two of them pressing buttons and twiddling nobs. One child was infinitely more helpful than the other and was pressing the correct buttons at the correct time. The other one, meh.

So we got a little done; some buttonholes and a few seams. Oh yeah, and their names on the inside of the waistband. That's not because I'm super organised or anything like that! That's because Lily, a typical five year old, likes to write her and Toby's name on everything, and she has discovered the sewing machine can do writing.  mmm.

I'm sure I'll  have these pants finished by the end of winter. At least the fabrics are a pleasure to work with,  gorgeous gorgeous organic denim and some lovely Ink and Spindle stuff from last year's trip to Stitches and Craft.

more creative spaces to be found over at kootoyoo

and yep, deliberately no knitting today ;)


  1. I am lucky that my 2yo has not really discovered sewing 'with' Mum. I can usually distract her with the fabric scraps!

  2. Hmm, how do you do it!
    Zeb is still wearing his Tikki pants, so fabulous!

  3. Lovely fabrics. Little helpers sure can be a challenge.

  4. i like your choice of fabric for pockets ... love that ink & spindle fabric. i have it in red flowers (PS that smart shopper person appears to be leaving comments everywhere).


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