Sunday, May 16, 2010

this was one of those times......

when you swear in front of your children.

Yep, dropped the big doozy.  Luckily, it was the child with the least vocabulary and understanding with me when it happened.

Be warned, this was a crafting accident I am ashamed to admit. Completely my fault.
  Distracted by some sewing I realised it was time to pick up Lily from kinder, then realised I had to return a form. Five minutes frantic searching and I still couldn't find it. Late, late, late.

Backing out of the driveway without checking the distance on the other side of the car from the fence.... bang!!! bye bye mirror. It was laying in the middle of the drive *eep*

Of course, they got out of kinder late..


  1. Oops. My side mirror is held on with gaffs tape from something similar.

  2. Oh Deary Dear!
    I dropped the "f" bomb when I backed into a pole in my new car. Luckily there were no kids with me.

  3. I reversed into a pole the other day. Lucky my spare tyre is rear mounted on the back of the 4wd and saved me...

  4. Oops. Been there..mine happened in the carpark with one of those darned poles. ;)

  5. Bugger. Big Bugger. Hope it's cheap & easy to fix!

  6. And those silly little mirrors are SO expansive:( Try the wreckers before you order a new one. (I had to replace mine a few years ago - someone descided to break a whole heap while I was shopping)

  7. Snap! I did the same thing last week.


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