Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it's the small things

I've been doing a bit of small item knitting of late. I love those instant gratificatin type knits that you can whip up in a few days, or even better a night. It's a good way to break the monotony of a bigger project.  I've been taking a little bit of a break from designing new patterns this month. and it has been lovely and refreshing, although truth be told I have had to fight the urge to cast on at least four different designs I'm busting to get out there! But no, May is for me and some fun little knits.

The first fun little knit was a tea cosy for my cute little Denby pot.  Mainly because as it gets cooler my chai is getting cold in the pot and well, you know, I've NEVER knit a tea cosy! I think a tea cosy is one of those things that every knitter must knit at some stage.  It's a bit like knitting baby booties, it has to be done.

Of course, I shopped the stash and chose a glorious red for my tea cosy. I love red. I used the tea mitten pattern (Rav link) and although it came out a bit big for my little baby I still love it and it is serving its purpose.

The perfect button came from my button stash. I'm glad it's being put to use, because seriously, where else would you use buttons like these?  I can't seem me adding them to a shirt or any clothing garment to be honest. but for a teapot, they're perfect!

my other small knit was a cute little hat from ysolda teague's ripley pattern  I knit it in some glorious emerald malabrigo. I had a little row tension issue so despite getting stitch tension and  knitting the slouchy version it came out more cloche style.  still uber cute though.

I gifted it to my sister Megsie for her birthday, and forgot to take a photo..... so I'm waiting patiently for a photo of it on her ;) (hint hint)

Maybe she doesn't like it :P


  1. you're a shite stirrer tikki! Of course i love it, so does Sage she pinches it on me regularly. ok ok, i'll post a picci tomorrow but it probably won't be modelled on my head, got a shocking headcold + nighttime naughty bubba + preg toilet night time loo visits = a not very attractive head, but a very lovely beanie :D

  2. I love your little tea pot cozy and red is just the perfect color! What a great way to spend May by knitting things for yourself!

  3. Oh the tea cosy is perfect!


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