Wednesday, December 09, 2009

swappity swap

today some overdue photos from a very overdue swap, a swap that was so overdue that I am too embarrassed to tell you how overdue it was; that's how overdue it was.  Get the idea?  Anyway, it was a swap with the very patient and talented Mandy . I'm not going to link to the photos of what she sent me as then that'll give away the game on how overdue my side was. Thankfully Mandy was ok with that. 

Recently, Mandy had a new little blue addition to her family after three girls so I decided that most of the things in my swap would be for him.  

First up, a pair of denim pants. I have to confess that I think these may be my all time favourites.  I used the awesome seed fabric from Hollabee (one of the ink and spindle girls) and in an inspired moment I decided to add a tab around the bottom of the leg using the selvedge. I really love how it turned out, it certainly helps that the selvedge is so super cool. I think I shall experiment with some more selvedge on my pants in the very near future.

Gosh, I love this Hollabee fabric. The texture and tones are just perfect for the denim.  The little boy is getting a new pair similar to these very soon.

I also sent off a Tropical Lily knit in Wired For Fibre 10 ply cotton (colourway Lilly Pilly) for Mandy's little Lily.  Mandy's Lily is actually whom the Tropical Lily was originally designed for, a Lily in a warm climate with a mum allergic to wool. Unfortunately, my Lily adopted the original prototype for herself.

And a little milo out of some gloriously soft mint green alpaca. 

And lastly for next winter, a pair of fleece longies with a little anchor applique.


  1. what a super dooper swap package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The demin pants are STUNNING!

  2. Why I not surprised you put together such a glorious package. You're such a clever mama!

  3. *grin* a swap truly worth waiting for ;) Totally gorgeous goodies!


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