Thursday, December 10, 2009

my creative space ...

this week is a little uninspiring to say the least.

I am quite busily in the midst of some Christmas crafting for Christmas pressies, most of which I can't share as there may be little peekies going on.  But these I can because they are for my FIL. I think I can safely say my FIL doesn't read my blog. I probably could even safely say my FIL doesn't even know I have a blog.  I may have mentioned it, and I'm sure my MIL may check it from time to time, but no, I don't think Roger is a reader here. Which is good as it gives me a photo this week. Otherwise it might just be mindless dribble.

One of the last times we were down visiting Ma and Pa H, my FIL gave some VERY subtle hints that he would love some hand knitted socks like Andy's. He even proceeded to demonstrate how his current socks weren't as good as Andy's.  It is hard to buy for grown men, so if I can make something, all the better. So yes, I am being a dutiful DIL and knitting some socks for my FIL.  I am on the second one, just heading towards the heel so all looking extremely good for the Christmas deadline; how very unlike me!!

Something a little more exciting, that I alluded to a few posts ago. Remember I mentioned I got a big big parcel of goodies from the yarn cafe? Not all that yarnie goodness is for me, some is for the shop.

Check out these wonderful little Milk and Sugar Knitting Project Kits that are a collaboration between myself and the very talented Elissa from the yarn cafe.  In each kit you get the pattern and some super dooper gorgeous yarn to knit the pattern, all packaged in these cute little project bags. The yarns that Elissa has chosen are all absolutely heavenly soft.

They'd make an awesome Christmas pressie ;)

You can find the kits in my ozebaby store or over at the yarn cafe .

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  1. Your FIL will love those socks. I find it hard to buy for grown men too, especially my dad. I knit him some socks a few years ago now but havent seen him wearing them that much. Those kits look very nice, might have to pop on over and have a little looksie.

  2. Oooh, lucky FIL! The kits look DIVINE. What a great idea :)

  3. Very tempted to get one of those kits for my new niece. Do you post to NZ? Can I order through your store?


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