Wednesday, December 02, 2009

new look for the festive season

I'm trying out a new look for the festive season and playing around with a link bar and some cool stuff like that. It's not all there, but hopefully soon I'll have it sorted ;)  Of course, every time I do this I somehow manage to lose half my elements including my blog roll, and yes, I do back up my template and save it. I just am crap and finding it and knowing how to rejig it!!

I discovered while I was farting around with it all that blogger has a cool new editing something (it was in one of the options somewhere) Anyway, I like it!!!

Right now, I am sooo hanging to get my butt to the PO as there is a HUGE and I do mean HUGE parcel of yarny goodness waiting for me there from the yarn cafe! !! When I get back later, I will have something very very exciting to share. Of course, Toby is having a prolonged nap. Would it be wrong to poke him a little?


  1. WOW ;-) Very swishy!
    Love the new look!

  2. very sweet.
    Oh, a parcel from the Yarn Cafe? Mmmm!


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