Tuesday, December 15, 2009

baby girl

I guess she's not really a baby girl anymore, but she will always be my baby girl.  She had her kindy orientation day last week, my baby girl. I can't believe she is off to kindy next year. She is so ready for it now. Had we sent her twelve months ago, she would have coped.. just. But now, I know she will actually thrive and do more than just cope, which to me is really really important.

I'm really impressed with her kindy, it has a lovely old-fashioned community soul feeling to it. Perfect.

So here my baby girl is modeling a recent knit; a test knit of the Kaia babydoll pattern .  This is a test knit of the pattern that is due to be re-released fairly shortly.

I knit a size 2 top but worked the length and increases in the skirt to the size 5 pattern.  I used exactly 200grams of Bendigo Luxury 8 ply 'Leaf'. Infact, I actually ran out, and didn't quite manage to complete the lace hem.  Lily chose the ribbon to finish it off, and I think she chose quite well.

It's a perfect match for those gorgeous chook leaf shoes of hers.


  1. Aww now don't make me all teary about kindy... T has been asking when he gets to start :(
    Your gal is going to shine next year! Beautiful dress, and a lovely match for those awesome shoes!

  2. She's beautiful.
    My baby girl is turning one in few weeks time and I can't believe that the last year has passed so fast. Before I blink, she'll be leaving for collage...

    I guess that for us, mommies, our girls will always be our precious baby girls.

    ps Your blog is an inspiring place to visit; I love your patterns.

    Merry Christmas!


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