Thursday, December 03, 2009

a christmassy creative space

In my creative space today there has been more action on the advent calendar front.  I've made some little birdies to add as decorations to the tree and started knitting a some mini stockings to hang under the tree.

The little birdies are cut from felt with little felt beaks and wings. They have a little heart and tail feathers cut from quilters cotton stitched on and slightly frayed. The idea and template for the birdies came from skip to my lou .

The mini stockings are knit on 2.5mm circular needles using magic loop and some bright 4ply wool. The pink one is Lily's, the yellow mine and I am just about to finish a green one for Andy. Toby's will be either blue or orange. Then I will duplicate stitch numbers on them.

For Lily's I used Everwhelming Liz's cute-arse mini stocking pattern . More pics here on Rav  ;) Mine is knit from the Keychain Sock Blocker pattern . The third one is by far the best, and is a conglomeration of the bits I like from both patterns.  Really minor differences but I am fussy about these things. It is possible I will re-knit Lily's and mine one day so they are perfect too.

I've had some lovely parcels arrive this week and so while Im not focussing on the all-consuming advent calendar I will be watching this dvd (Handmade Nation ) and flicking through this pattern book (Whimsical Little Knits 2 by Ysolda Teague ).

For more creative spaces pop over to kootoyoo . I wonder how much other Yuletide action will be going on?


  1. Just so gorgeous and clever and lovely!! What a wonderful and original treasure you are making. Those teeny stockings are the best and the birdies are extra special too. Well done! xo

  2. wow! everythign in tihs post is awsome hehe. LOVE the little stockings and very jelous of your mail this week!

  3. Oh my, your work is gorgeous :-)
    Hmmm, December.... I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas!

  4. Oh my...the mini stockings are just wonderful.

  5. Oh this is so unique! What a wonderful ritual for your children to see each year-just beautiful!

  6. You have WLK2!!! I want that - its my next purchase I think :)

  7. Oh I love how the advent calendar is developing! Just gorgeous and so special. Oh, I remembered what I wanted to ask... next time you have your wool baller thingie out can you please wind a couple for me??? pretty please? ;)


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