Wednesday, July 22, 2009

whatcha wearing wednesday

 I don't usually do this meme, but had to share what I'm wearing today... my new (well, new to me) Olives and Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier (hereafter to be referred to as the O&A SSC) 

LOVE (1000)

  so comfy, great freedom of movement, particularly while front carrying. I tried this little baby out with Lily on my back and then Toby on my front, and it was fabulous; well, except for Lily wanting me to pretend I was a horse.  

Far more interesting than my surf brand hoodie I reckon.  

Did I tell you this was my new favourite carrier?


  1. Look lovely G. Must go and check them out. Where did you get it from?? Did you make it?? I am trying my very bestest not to start a new addiction to carriers.

  2. I am so glad you love it and it will get some good use. :)

  3. I love that carrier its so cool :D


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