Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the block

You know those times when you just have to escape, get away?  We had one of those moments last week so took a hastily organised trip to the bush block. *ahhhh* just exactly what we all needed after the hectic weeks of late.  

Time to get away from modern life and just relax in the peaceful surrounds, no one for miles. Enjoying the moment. The quiet. And each other's company. 

Indeed, it was quite chilly, very insanely chilly in fact. Quite a shock to the system to begin with I tell you. There was no venturing outside unless you were well rugged up for the elements.  And properly attired, there was plenty of exploring to be done.

The pint family came to join us, always up for a thrown together get away.  It was cosy in our little shack but we had a wonderful time as always.   But gee, did it rain... and rain ...  and rain... and then rain some more!!  The rain gauge told us we had 38 mm in the time we were there.   Sounds impressive to me ;)

So for this little fellow the only outside exploring to be done was in the ergo, with the rain he became pretty much shack bound. Not that he complained, he got to scour the shack's floor in search of anything he could find to put in his mouth.  And smile at little Sage.

The bigger kids got to explore in breaks in the rain, and how glorious it is to explore the bush after a rain storm. I love how rain brings the bush alive and transforms it into something spectacular. The colours, sound and whole atmosphere is magical. 

There were plenty of sticks to whack with and plenty of puddles to investigate. 

And even some sheep to feed some apples to. These guys must be the tamest sheep around. Oh, and there were some way cute lambies as well, including a set of twins!!

A great break, batteries recharged after much chai sipping, back warming in front of the fire, knitting and chatting away the hours.  Not to mention a brewsky or two.


  1. Looks like a divine place to go and chill out !!

  2. great pics tik! Love the one of all the crew particularly! Nice composition there!Thanks for the fun weekend:D

  3. wow looks like the BEST trip away!! How fun :) Glad your feeling rejuvenated! Love the pics :)

  4. Aw wow! Where abouts is this spot - looks wonderful and what a place for respite. Looks like a great blog!


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