Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy will be so pleased ...

"I'm just helping Daddy tune his guitar," says Lily.

And Andy was wondering why his bass was so wildly out of tune....


  1. kids bash away on hubby's drum kit mmm a lovely racket that is i can tell you :)

  2. yet to get the photographic evidence but I know this happens in our house too. Last time the culprit was questioned about it the answer was, well if i had my own... from a 4 yr old!

  3. And what a lovely Bass it is too ;) DH would be drooling away, and gasping at her doing that too - LOL

  4. LOL Suzanne, Toby also enjoys playing it and has been happily playing the bass since he could sit up. But now he's more mobile, he does have a tendency to climb on top of it to play it.


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