Thursday, July 30, 2009

my creative space ...

Today I found this in my "space";  a pair of jeans left there by my husband for me to fix when I has some free time in my sewing room.  ahem, yes, well. I might surprise him and fix them this week.  Andy has attempted to mend his own jeans in the past, pre-kiddies when we were still young and fancy-free I caught him planning to patch a pair on his mother's overlocker PMSL Clearly he had no idea what an overlocker actually does.

This however, is a far more pressing mending job that does need my attention... bugger, huh. How much I do love these socks and how very sad was I to find a big run in them.  Now to decide whether to darn or frog back and reknit.  *sigh*

This week I have been doing a little bit of sewing, yay!!!  Toby has been happily dismantling the book shelf repeatedly while I sew away. I've had these fleece longies cut out for months and months, well before Toby was mobile, but sewing time has been alluding me.   Anyhoo, hoping to have these finished and up in the shop pronto. Hopefully it's not too late for this winter season.  

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  1. You've got heaps going on. I hope the socks are mendable.

  2. Ohhh, loving the boyish flongies! Serious flongie shortage here lol.

  3. Funny, a pair of trousers needing repair ended up in my space this week. I've managed to ignore them so far.

    The flongies look great.

  4. Ha! That is so funny about the hubby "mending"! I would have loved to have seen him actually take that next step with the overlocker and the pants. Hilarity would have surely insued. Thus the reason my husband is not allowed to touch my sewing machine or overlocker!!! Or my scissors... :)

  5. Great creative space. The colour of the socks are super. They can be fixed! :-)

  6. I really need to get on and do some of my mending. Funny how creating stuff from scratch seems so much more exciting!


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