Thursday, July 02, 2009

creative space ...reclaimed

This week I've been attempting to reclaim my sewing room back from the ever encroaching kidlets.  I've tidied, evicted dolls and soft toys, picked up a billion picture books... repeatedly, subtly snuck out the jigsaw books (Whoever invented jigsaw books really needs to take a good hard look at themselves, they seriously drive me insane!!!)  and probably restacked my ottobre pile about oh, at least three times a day. Toby is rather fond of dismantling them from the bottom shelf of the bookshelf.

Finally nice and tidy I sat in there today for a bit of "me" time.  Two simple tasks to do; the first one choose a button from the three selected for this scarf.  I needed a chai to accomplish that one. See my cute knitting cup? My lovely sister Megsie gave me that. 
The second one was to arrange some charm squarms for a little quilt top. I got them laid out but then Toby attacked and crawled over it, plonking his butt in the middle before attempting to eat the squares.  *sigh* So needless to say, that didn't get accomplished.

Oh well, at least I had a lovely cuppa while I stashed some new fabrics and discussed with Miss Rainbow what to do with this:

and this;

more creative spaces over at kootoyoo


  1. I love the colour of your scarf...which button did you chose? I quite liked the top one!

  2. ooh what is the princess and pea fabric and the fairies one?

  3. tOooooh, I can't wait to see what you create with those beautiful fabrics!
    green with envy ;)

  4. the princess and the pea is from heather ross's far far away range from kokka and the fairies are alexander henry's sprites of tillbrook.
    they're lovely!!


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