Monday, September 01, 2008

some cardie love

I haven't been getting much sewing done at night in this third trimester; I've been resting and it's also been a bit cold to venture down to the sewing room when the allure of the combustion wood fire and a few balls of soft lush wool call.  So yes, I've been doing a bit of knitting.  More than you see here actually, but I'll add some other pics at a later date. Tonight it's about the cardies.

Lily as always, has been the benefactor of some knitting. Here she is in her new cardie, she likes it, as it's apparently a princess cardigan.  Thank goodness she has gotten over her dislike of green though!!

hmm, it looks like the two front panels are uneven here but they're not.
Yarn: The Knittery Merino DK "Wildflower" colourway; 200grams
Needles: 3.25, 3.5 and 4mm Knitpicks Interchangables
Size: 18 month with some mods to cater for a size 3 height; knitted size 4 length

Mods: I knitted the 18 month size for the circumference (as even the two year old finished size would have been quite baggy on her) but have added some extra length in the bodice equivalent to the size 4 to suit my average to tall (apparently!) three year old.

I've knitted the lace pattern for eight repeats and finished the skirt with a garter stitch border of about eight rows.  I think the garter stitch border looks a little less babyish than the picot edge for this age.  Added three buttonholes in the edging and knitted the garter edging with a 3.5 mm casting off with a 4mm to alleviate some of the bunching I've seen on some of this garment. Managed a sleeve length of approximately six inches and finished with a garter stitch cuff; giving it a three-quarter length sleeve.

I noticed when trying this on Lily today that there is quite a lot more room in the back of the cardie than the front. Considerably more actually, the front is a good fit but there's a fair bit of swing and room in the back.

And something for me :) This really doubles as a baby bump post too, although this pic is now actually a couple of weeks old; it's my 29 week baby bump. Think I'm 31 or 32 weeks now... maybe.  I'm not very good at this week counting thing!! I'm a slack blogger heh!
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Teal; 10 balls
Needles: 5mm Knitpicks
Size: xXS
I love love love this cardie!!! It's great to have something warm to wear over my bubby belly that's not sacklike or daggarama.


  1. Love love love your FLS! Its a lovely sweater for 'bumps' too :)

  2. Nothing beats the crackling of a wood fire so I don't blame you for no sewing!

    The cardi's are fabulous. I LOVE yours and how cool that it shows off your beautiful belly and you will still be able to wear it after baby.

  3. Beautiful cardies!!!!!! I love the Feb Lady Sweater and am definitely planning on giving it a day! Hope that you are enjoying your 3rd trimeseter.

  4. I love both cardi's but the blue baby bump cardi is absolutely amazing. The great thing is that you can still wear it when after the bump arrives. Fabulous!

  5. The Helena cardigan looks gorgeous, and I love the color too. Your FLS looks beautiful, and is perfect for a baby bump too.

  6. Oh golly both those cardis are adorable! Especially the bump cardi!

    Oh how I wish I could knit.

  7. Thank you for such lovely comments everyone!!! :D

  8. Oh wow! What a great cardi...I'd love to be able to knit that well one day :-)

  9. Wow! I *love* them both! Sooo beautiful!

    Ruth xx

  10. You look gorgeous my dear. Time for an updated pic I think ;)

  11. I love your Feb Ldy Sweater! I plan to knit it in the same yarn- would you mind letting me know if you make any mods? Thankyou!


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