Friday, September 26, 2008

no peaking....

it' probably ok to now actually, as both recipients of these have received them; it's just the second recipient hasn't guessed yet know who they're from!

These little strawberry widelegs are part of a trade for little Zoe; they're to match a pint tshirt that her Mummy bought her earlier with the same strawberry fabric.  I decided to make them a bit more spesh with the strawberry applique. I made a little matching hairclip, but typically didn't photograph it!!!

These pair of shorts are for an Upcycle Swap, where the idea was to create/make/gift something that is upcycled from stuff that's already been used.  These are made from hemp/cotton and are recycled from a pair of Andy's old Rip Curl jeans circa 1997.  The dinosaur and back pockets are cut from fabric that comes from recycled vintage kimonos.  

I think they're pretty cool. I like how the fabric suggests a sort of reptilian feel to them. Ok, so strictly speaking I don't think dinosaurs are reptilians but hey, you know what I mean!!

And here's Lily with our gift from the Upcycle Swap. A gorgeous little pink bag found in an op shop and directed with a gorgeous mermaid with a cute sparkly tail. Just perfect for Lily to keep all her treasures in. It currently houses two hankies, a lace ribbon, a pink makeup brush, a baby sock, a wooden bead and three wrappers from some balls of wool.  All the important things in a three year old's life!  She's very taken with it as you can see.

Thank you Melissa and a big thank you to your gorgeous girls for their lovely card:D 


  1. Gosh, I love the strawberry ones! And your swap gift is just devine. You are a talented chookie aren't you?

  2. We love love love our special strawberry pants Tik :) Thank you so berry much! Zoe looks way too cute in em.


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