Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a fairy tale for tully

Once upon a time there were two little princesses. They were princess cousins who loved each other very much; so much so that they were best friends. Unfortunately they lived far far away from each other, which sometimes made them very sad.
They loved to go and visit each other so they could play together and share their wonderful princess games and stories.  They shared many games and jokes that no one else understood.  And when they were apart, they missed each other very much.
One day a parcel arrived in the royal post for Princess Tully and her brother Prince Asher. Inside there was a special pair of pants for Tully; a pair of princess pants.  They had arrived from the royal castle of Princess Lily.
"But I don't wear pants," said Princess Tully puzzled by the present for didn't everyone know that she was a dresses and skirts only kind of gal.
Far far away at the royal castle of Princess Lily, she too had received a special pair of princess pants exactly the same as Tully's.   Unlike Princess Tully, however, Princess Lily happily put her pants on and wore them. She discovered that they were great for splashing in puddles, riding her bike and dancing in her royal yard.  Princess Lily decided she quite liked wearing pants, they were quite practical sometimes and really, sometimes a princess does need to be practical.
By wearing her princess pants, Princess Lily discovered that there was something very special about them. They were actually princess wishing pants. Each time she wore them, she could think of her dear friend and cousin Princess Tully who had a pair exactly the same.  And she could wish that she could see her again soon.  

This magic wish would come true if the princesses happened to be wearing their pants on the same day and made the same wish at the same time.
oh, how Princess Lily longed for that to happen...

to be continued....


  1. that is so sweet ~ I hope it works


  2. oh tikki. that's great! I'm sure Tully will love the story! Will read it to her after kindy and hopefully she'll be wearing them by hteend of today.

    Your story nearly made me cry *blush* silly preg hormones! Hope we do get to see you guys soon!

  3. Oh that's so cute! I'd wear the pants after reading that LOL


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