Sunday, September 14, 2008

panTts, pants, pants

Thought I'd catch up on some sewing photos; not a great deal really to show just some pants for one and all. These were all customs, gifts, etc. I do have a pair half done to go up in the shop though, as well as some shorts, so hoping to have a bit of a stocking in dribs and drabs over the next week. This warmer weather definitely evokes the sewing bud; a good thing really! Very soon I probably won't be able to reach the sewing machine for my big belly LOL

Some pink cord princess pants for the princess obsessed two; Lily and Tully. The first time Lily wore hers she managed to get them covered in mud and wet through to the knees jumping in every puddle she could find between the library and the park after a rather sudden and ferocious downpour. 
Tully, on the other hand, can't be convinced to even try hers on ~ she doesn't wear pants ~ not even those that are pink and have princesses on the pocket!!! Oh well, worth a try!! I might have to take a photo of Lily in hers to see if that convinces her it's ok to wear pants sometimes.

And for Asher, who is always appreciative; some cars.  He likes cars a lot!

And a custom for a very special little man, this was a special custom as Megsie did a matching tshirt for this little fella's third birthday.  Hemp denim with some beautiful Kristen Doran fabric used for the pockets ~ very special!!! 
And you've seen these on Lily in an earlier post but I like this image of the two Doran fabric pants together.
Hard to tell in this pic, but these are a pair of black flares for another very special little three year old .
I looove the Kona Bay fabric on these pockets. 

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  1. Matching princess pants! They'll love them! And I *love* the owl pants!!!

    Ruth xx


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