Saturday, September 20, 2008

because there can never be too much princess in your life..

well, possibly not true...

Last Saturday morning I finally sat down at the sewing machine enthused and ready to sew. Lily looked at me with her best cute look, batted her eyelids and said, "Mummy could you please cut up your blue dress for me today?"

So I relented. I'd been promising her I'd do it for sooo long, I didn't think it was fair to put it off any longer.
I wish I had have taken a photo of this dress pre-reconstruction, as it was truly hideous; in only the way a classic 80's dress can be. I bought it about five years ago at an op shop to wear to a bad taste ball.  
It had leg of mutton sleeves with the puff of the sleeve emphasised some internal tulle, a v-neck backline, fitted through the bodice and the skirt until the skirt puffed out about knee length or a bit lower and was calf length; sort of a fishtail design.  The front of the skirt was slightly higher than the back, and the underskirt lovely thick tulle. The finish off this hideous creation the back was complete with a bow and rhinestone buckle to emphasise the shine of the fabric .... hmm, very special. 

So with a hack of the scissors; some shirring elastic and a little bit of sewing, it was transformed into this spectacular and a little over-the-top princess dress.
The result: one very happy little twirling princess.


  1. Gorgeous! She looks stunning & I must say - a fantastic re-fashion job ;-)

  2. great upcycling Tik! Simply divine :D

  3. That looks great! Lily is such a beautiful princess :D


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