Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too hot to sew...

so I'm knitting

It's too hot to sleep too *sigh* It's getting windy so the change must be coming.

Anyway, two lovely pics to share tonight...

Firstly, is this one of some lovely Pear Tree merino (definitely the softest merino I have ever felt ~ it really is incredibly lush), a set of Art Viva needles and a pair of Lisa G stitch markers ~ cute little roses. I received this gift from my DH Andy for our 7th wedding anniversary for which the traditional gift just happens to be wool. So he took me to the LYS and we picked out these together. He's a bit sweet hey? Oh, and he also bought me roses and some candles.

I knitted him a lily (must take a picture) and gave him plenty of back rubs (he adores back rubs more than anything else in the world) He slept with the lily by his bed ~ ahhhh!!!

This second pic is of the fabulous stitch markers that I am getting for my birthday; yes, I know I'm using them already but they're too cute not too. They come from Patty Melon Knits and are made by Sam one of the four bags. They have little words on them; purl, knit, love, wool, frog; and when I opened them I found a bonus one which Sam had made up with Lily's name on it!!! The colours are really pretty!! I love them; (I can see myself getting addicted to stitch markers LOL)


  1. ohh those stitch markers are ace :) thay are an addiction all of thier own

  2. Your Dh sounds so sweet- happy anniversary for the other day.

    Love the look of the rainbow yarn you are knitting too~

  3. that gelati looks fantastic tik!

    happy anniversary you lucky girl


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