Thursday, January 18, 2007

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt Sponsor prize

Well, I've been busily sewing away and have finished my sponsorship item for the GDUNH. Yeah!! Here 'tis! A size 1 pair of denim shorts with adjustable waist and pockets and patches in this gorgeous imported quilters fabric fauteing beautiful sea life (turtles, seahorses, seastars, shells and fish) I love love love this fabric; it's one of my new favourites.

Now these shorts are supposed to be gender neutral; the colours in the photos aren't quite accurate. The close ups of the pocket and patch are the closest for colour; the background colours are a definite yellow and purple.

So my question: is it gender neutral enough? I think so; what do you think????


  1. I would put them on my boys if that is what you are really asking. ;)

  2. definitely gender neutral...asher would love them

  3. ha ha I'll save some material for Baby SAsher for next Summer then ;)

  4. oh can I win them!? geez they are fabulous! and definately genedr neautral!


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