Friday, January 05, 2007

Some shorts for Tully and Asher and something for DH

Now that Christmas is over, I can show piccies without Megsie snooping LOL These are the shorts I made for her two little ones; Asher and Tully. I had been saving just enough of my favourite turtle material for Asher as Lachie worked on turtles while they were in Canberra. Tully got a little Katanya mermaid (She's named Katanya as the only other time I've used this image was in a book I made for the NC Spring Swap for Katanya's little boy Felix, in it Katanya was a mermaid on one of the pages) this time the mermaid has red hair though (which bizarrely enough matches the Little Mermaid doll Tully got for Christmas!!!!) and it's finished with Kaffe Fasset pockets on the back. Mum made herself a bag in this material so it's cute that Tully matches her gran's bag!

And these sexy legs belong to my sweet DH Andy. I couldn't show you his face as you'd all be insanely jealous at his manly good looks LOL (actually he wouldn't let me) Here he is in his shark pj pants that I made for him~ very cute huh! Now he wants me to make him some denim shorts!!!


  1. OOOH it's my mermaid!! oh you know if we ever do a swap I need one of her on a pair of pants or top :)

    LOVE LOVE your DH's sharky pants..super cool!

  2. did you just mention the S word Katanya???? Any time you want to, I'd be more than honored/happy/blown away to do a swap with you :D

  3. :)
    I have a few things for the next few months but we will seriously talk, you know I love your clothing to death :)

  4. how lucky are my babes. we get sooo many comments! Am i allowed to show them off on NC?

  5. Cool Katanya!! Very excited!!!

    Megsie, I'll ask the other mods ;)


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