Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slowly getting back into

After Christmas and my self-imposed sewing and work break; I must say I've really had trouble getting back into it. I guess Andy being on holidays and living in a coastal town that becomes holiday mecca over Summer doesn't help.... nor the constant stream of visitors LOL My sewing room has never stayed tidy for so long, the machines even have their dust covers on.

It's just been so relaxing to sit and knit. I love knitting :D I just feel like I'm stuck in this holiday mode, which really isn't such a bad thing, nice and relaxing, just not a lot getting done... housework included LOL But I guess there's no reason as to why I can't have the same extended Summer break as Andy.

But I knew the time had come when I found myself trawling through the Michael Miller fabric catalogue. So today I've been working on a spotty baby doll dress...slowly. Tonight I think I'll do some cutting out; that always gets me excited!!! And then I best get onto that list of work emails ....

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