Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Christmas break

We've had a great break for Chrissie. Spent some time at Andy's parents, then down to Mum's for nearly a week where we got to see everyone in the family.

Then for NYE we went up to the bush block with Megsie, Lachie, Tully and Asher ~ the girls had an absolute ball. Lily adored helping Pa feed the sheep; he was so patient with her despite her scaring the sheep away constantly by getting in their feed. She'd crouch down and put her hands on her knees and say "hello sheepies". Too cute!!! Even funnier was Tully chasing the sheep with a spoon trying to feed them; she got very annoyed apparently as they wouldn't cooperate.

Had some beautiful thunderstorms and rainfall, the girls had a grand time dancing in the rain, jumping and splashing in puddles ~ they were absolutely soaked ~ but it was so beautiful to watch. Nana would have had a fit if she'd seen that LOL

We came home to find a lovely green tinge to our back lawn ~ previously it was bone dry ~ we're on stage 4 water restrictions here (we don't water anyway LOL ~ we have a totally native and mostly indigenous garden)

I've had a great break from sewing and am feeling all inspired to get into it again but will leave it until next week ~ the only prob is the heat ATM it's so bloody hot here. But ideas are churning.
Have had heaps of fun teaching Megsie to dye wool and knit soakers ~ i think she's addicted to wool dyeing now ~ she's gone camping in Canberra and is planning on doing some while camping LOL It's been great dyeing with Megsie as she's an artist (painter) so she has an excellent knowledge of colour mixing which helped me a lot and she knew what to mix with what to get what colour precisely. I actually found a black food dye in the supermarket!!! I also bought some powder food dyes from Spotlight which turned out beautifully, some lovely and different shade from the Queens stuff.

I've done heaps of knitting. Finished one soaker, one pair of shorties (which I frogged as I didn't have quite enough wool to finish the legs) the back and most of the front of a vest and started on a new pair of shorties. I love knitting!!!!!

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  1. i had to frog one of my soakers tikki!!! I NEED your help:(


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