Friday, March 30, 2007

Golly gosh, I love op shops!!!!

Well, Megsie and I have been having a bit of a traipse through our local op shops; we have three here in this little town, and one in particular is awesome!! I have found some great bargains there, I *think* we were looking for some raw materials and inspiration for the NC recycled nappy challenge but we forgot about that pretty quickly. LOL

Anyway I had to share these special finds, three fabo vintage knitting books!! I LOVE old knitting books and pamphlets, I have a nice little collection of them, all 60s and 70s (and a couple that are 40s/50s)

There are some great patterns and advice in them; some I'd actually even like to make... and some hilarious outfits. These are some of my favourites.
the crocheted wedding dress, shame I'm already married huh!!
this little knitted and smocked dress reminds me of the crumpets pattern, I really like this and probably may possibly make it for Lily
This I really really like!!!
This is hilarious!!! Love the shorties and matching little top!!!!
Love this doll, way too cute, but the eyes are a bit weird.
This is stunning, look closely and you'll see the vest is covered in butterflies
this I am saving to make for someone who has everything LOL how weird is it, they are braces and belt ????
oh, check out the loopy loops on the shoulders and pockets of this little number
pretty sure Andy won't let me make this for him LOL

And how cute is this little jacket, brand new, I scored for Lily at the oppie for 50 cents!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Now this is just plain silly!!!

I try to be creative with my photos, sometimes I add in some odd objects, mainly just to see if anyone actually notices ~ usually they don't except for Megsie. Ok, this one was a little creative, and just looks plain ridiculous!!!!!! ROFL Still had to share it though!!! And yes, the idea is that the pants are riding the horse!!!! PMSL

Just uploaded two auctions to preview...

Finally I have had the time this week to finish adding the details and measurements to the Playtime Geisha Pinafore, the preparations for and RNW have kept me so busy the past two weeks.

Have also added Apple of your Eye baby doll and flared pants set. This is very cute I think!!! The idea is that you can wear the little baby doll top as a dress and then add the pants, a tshirt, long sleeved top or cardigan as the weather cools down. I really like the flare that I've got on these pants after playing around a bit with the bootleg pattern.

We have Megsie and her family here at the moment while her fellow is in Costa Rica talking about flowers. Hoping to get some special stuff happening next week if the little people cooperate LOL. Let's hope so!!! You know it's been so busy here, I didn't even get a chance to make Lily her birthday dress and I bought the most gorgeous carousel fabric. She's had a great week :D She got a retro rocking horse, it is sooo cute and she just adores it!! Lots of books, and other bits and pieces. Oh, and I bought her the most stunning little top made out of the coolest knit fabric with little horses on it. Tomorrow she's having a ride on the carousel, then down to the gardens on the Thomas train, and a picnic in the kids play area with a couple of her little friends. Should be heaps of FUN!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Playtime Geishas ~ time to say goodbye

CONFESSION:~ I am a shocking fabric hoarder. I actually should take a guilt photo to expose my guilty pleasure. I have loads, and I mean LOADS, of fabric hiding under my sewing desk that has been hoarded for ages simply because it is soooo stunning I can't bear to cut it and don't know if I'll ever be able to get it again. Every now and then I have a blitz and decide it's time to part with some of my favourites... now is one of those times.

so first up it's this stunning imported quilters cotton featuring these little Japanese girls playing ball, it's been hiding for nearly a year *blush*

So this is what it has become

pockets for a pair of size 1 denim jeans. (going live 9pm tomorrow night ...shhh)

and.... my favourite *sigh*

I love this dress, and seen as it's so special I think it deserves its own auction.
So why don't I keep it for Lily? Gosh, maybe I should, I really want to... but then again, you should see the fabric I have hoarded to make dresses for her PMSL

Friday, March 09, 2007

Something different...

I'm sitting here scratching my DH's back secretly wanting to get started on my knitting, but he did ball up my hank so really does deserve some attention. This little tease is destined for a little charity auction; I'm planning something familiar and something new ~ something I'm only going to do for Yarns United.

I really love the blue variations in this fabric, the green splotches and the wonderful little lizards ~ I chose this particularly as it reminded me of my little sister Lizard. The wool is a gloriously soft alpaca, interestingly I've recently discovered that it is a fallacy that alpaca is warmer than wool.

This month all proceeds from Yarn Uniteds listings will go to WIRES who help to rescue wildlife in danger. There's going to be some glorious stuff up there this month.

I love this hank, its alpaca too, the colours change from the palest baby pink to a deep cherry pink. Yummo!! I think this would make a beautiful little newborn soaker ~ anyonewant to have a girl so I can knit it up? lol

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gilded butterflies

Kona Bay MISA

Kona Bay BUTT

Kona Bay MIYU Blue

Kona Bay MIYU Pink

Blank Textiles (silver gild)

Robert Kaufman Memiors from China

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sneak peak...

a little blurry... but you get the idea.

Something for the cooler months :D

My darling Lily...

I made this dress for Lily last Summer out of one of Mum's old patterns from when we were kiddies. Mum used to make us the coolest dresses. I realised that I don't often take photos of Lily in the clothes I've made her (and she does get quite a few different things from those I make to sell) so I am aiming to rectify this :D

And this is a little skirt from my recent stocking that I hadn't put a photo of on here, I really like this skirt ~ very pretty!!!

Custom shorts finished :D

Well here they are,

the custom shorts all finished and ready to be shipped to their new home (and yes, the new owner has already seen photos of them) I love the material that Kym chose, it really is stunning and I couldn't resist taking photos of them on the guitar lol And how cool is this for coincidences, I read tonight that Kym is a bass player and I took these on Andy's acoustic bass ~ a beautiful instrument!!

Lucky Kym, also has a whizz kidz in the same fabric :)
and these little lawn pants are a special custom winging their way to a gorgeous little girl ;)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Last night's efforts in today's light

Rev It Up Velour Polar Fleece Longies
It felt nice to be appliquing with fleece again, it is a very nice medium to applique with I find. And I love the velour polar fleece, it's very lush and pattable.

Fleece longies are great, they're a less precious alternative to wool longies. You can just throw them in the machine and don't have to worry about them getting snagged on anything or too trashed by outside play. They just go over the top of a cloth nappy, no need for any other cover :D

Anyway, I like this motorbike, it turned out well!

Rip It Up Shorts
I wrote in my listing that these were a homage to the surfing lads, which I'm sure most people will go "huh?" lol Why the name? Not really sure, maybe a little praise to the surfing fashion industry for the part it has played in the revival of plaid and pinstripes, well, actually to be honest they were a little behind, but they did help them go mainstream, around these parts at least. Now I'm rambling.

But I do like plaid and I do like pinstripes. There should be more plaid in this world, I love contrasting the seriousness and preppiness of plaid with something really alternative or bright, these would look great with a bright pink or red tshirt ~ Lily's mother sucka tshirt would be perfect lol

Plaid should be seen as a challenge, an invite to rebel, it's a nice word just to say, plaid, plaid, plaid, I think I could say it all day

.... gee, I can talk some crap!!!!