Sunday, August 19, 2012

sisters, sisters,..

"there were never such devoted sisters...."

I thought it was probably about time that I blogged about one of my newest pattern collections, Anne, which is part of the sisters series.

Then I realised I probably, possibly, may have not actually blogged about any of the sister patterns. eek! That is what happens when the regular blogging thing falls apart. I had a quick look back through my archives and to my relief found that I had managed to blog Jane and Elizabeth. Phew!!

But I'd missed Suzanne. It was a bit scary to see just how little I have blogged in the past year or so, and how many patterns haven't even seen the light of this blog. gah!

Anyway, the three patterns I haven't shared all share a similarity. They all have some derivative of Anne in their name and they all share the same stitch adornment; a beautiful daisy stitch. These are essentially the Autumn and Winter patterns, but you could really wear them any time of the year.

First up is Suzanne, which I released in June.

I love this cardie so much, and am anticipating casting on one for me very very soon.

I had so much fun designing this one, and I love the unusual construction of it. Initially, it is constructed like an old fashioned shrug but knit circularly. Yes, you knit from one sleeve across the back and down the other sleeves. I love getting the sleeves out of the way first! Then the back is knit and finally the edging is worked, bringing it all together.

It's quite an easy knit, with the most difficult aspect being picking up stitches.

 It's designed for 8ply/dk weight yarns and I'd actually recommend a superwash yarn as it will give it a lovely drape, just like this one. I also love that being an open front cardie, it is light on yardage and a quick knit.

The size range covers a 19" chest all the way up to a 30" chest; so will fit from approximately 12 months to 12 years.

And because I know you will ask about this yarn, everyone does... it is such a spectacular colour!!!
Lily's version is knit with Vintage Purls Max, a limited edition colourway called Lime.
I ravelled my version here; but if you pop over to Rav and have a look through the projects connected to the pattern page you'll see a virtual rainbow of colours.

Pattern is available for a mere $6AUD.

More recently, I released Annie.

Annie is, I guess, the caridgan version of Suzanne, for those who like to button their cardies up and keep tummies warm.  I know not everyone likes an open front cardie, and they are not ideal on wee ones as many mums like to bundle their buds up and keep their chest nice and warm.  Hence, Annie was born.

She shares the same daisy stitch detailing, but is constructed top down using a raglan seamless construction. Annie is a super simple knit with no picking up of stitches at all, it's just all knitting downwards.  The pockets are worked into the cardie as you knit. My testers loved this way of working pockets, there's a couple of little tricks worked in to make the finishing of the pockets ever so simple!

This one is sized from 15" to 30" chest, so will fit from approximately newborn up to a size 12.
Again, it's worked up in dk/8ply weight yarn.

The blue Annie is knit in Never Ending Obsessions Kona Superwash DK and the pinkish one is knit in Pear Tree Supersoft 8ply. I don't think this colourway was ever released publicly, I bought it at the store.

Ravelled here and here and the pattern page can be found here.
And you can purchase Annie for just $6AUD.

Following on soon after Annie, came Annabel.

Annie and Annabel share a lot of similarities but there are some distinct differences too.

Annabel is much more of a jacket style, and thus has a longer length and more positive ease through pretty much every aspect of the design; the sleeves, the bodice and the skirt/body. Annabel has an optional hood, her pockets are slightly deeper and her buttonband is knit on afterwards by picking up stitches.

I'd tend to knit Annie in a superwash to give it a light airy feeling, whereas Annabel I'd knit in a gorgeous snuggly handwash only yarn. It is just perfect for yarns like WOOLganics Organic Merino Knitters Yarn, which incidentally this one is knit in. The colourway is Kundalini.

Annabel has been graded for two yarn weights.  For those who want that really snuggly jacket experience; it's graded for an aran weight yarn, whereas for my climate, the dk/8ply weight  version is suffice.

I love this so much, and can see myself knitting one for me next winter!

It's ravelled here and the project page has links to many other beautiful versions of this jacket. Check out the ones in red!!! When I saw those, I had some serious knit envy going on!!!

you can purchase your copy of Annabel for $6AUD.

If you like the look of both Annie and Annabel and can't decide, or think you'll knit both; an ebook called Anne (which is the sister name both these patterns sprang from ) is available with both patterns in it for $10AUD.

Happy knitting!!