Wednesday, April 17, 2013

our new tent!!!

Excuse me, while I squeeee just a little bit, but we have a new tent!

A brand spanking swisho new tent!!

Bushblock April 2013

And truth be told, I can't stop raving about it or gazing at it or dreaming about it.
I just want to live in it and camp every day!

I think most people I know in person are sick of hearing about my new tent; my Facebook and Instagram Friends are probably sick of seeing photos. So now it's your turn.

Can you see why I'm crazy about it?
Is not she the most beautiful tent you have ever seen.

It's so light and airy and peaceful... and just full of soul and beauty.

Camping in her is just pure bliss. So so SO lovely.

Bushblock April 2013

Look at her roof-line! Isn't it magnificent!
It's just like being in a circus tent.

And yes, I do believe that with a tent like this bunting does become one of the essential camping ingredients.
DK is not so sure.

Bushblock April 2013

Ours is the SoulPad 4000-Hybrid. That means it is a glorious 4m x 4x inside; so quite roomy.
And yes, I do like to keep a tidy tent.

Bushblock April 2013

We camped for the last week of the school holidays at DK's family bush block.
 It's lovely and peaceful and isolated; you know you're not going to see another soul there.

It's near the Grampians.

It's very dry at the moment, and it is here we see the other side of our extended glorious summer. The countryside is soo dry. Terribly, scarily dry for this time of year.

Bushblock April 2013

Nevertheless, it was a glorious time. The weather was perfect. And we had a perfect little relaxing family holiday.  We sat around our campfire at night, walked during the day, picnicked, rode bikes, swam in the dam and knitted. Well, I knitted. Lily and Toby drew and DK either dozed or read.

Bushblock April 2013

Every morning we awoke to the most glorious sunrise as the kids scampered out to collect firewood for our morning campfire which they would toast their bread over.

Bushblock April 2013

It's hard to return to reality.
It's hard to remember what I was doing before we left for our impromptu break.

We're settling back into school, kindy and routine; not without a few tears on everyone's part.

The kids miss the freedom of the bush.
We miss the solitude, peace and lack of pressure.
We all miss the sense of togetherness.

Luckily, we can go back there whenever we like.
And for that, we are very grateful!

Bushblock April 2013