Sunday, January 21, 2007

Syncronicity is...

when you've got the knitting bug but decide you'd best do some sewing, only to discover that, damn it, that machine really does need a service LOL

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Getting good mileage..

Hehe just found this photo of Lily in the little stripe dress I made her, taken in November 2005 when she was just 7 months old .... (boy is she sooo cute and little ...melts my heart)

and here she is in the same dress January 2007 at 21 months of age, 14 months later!!!
Now that's good wear!!! And she's still cute too boot!!LOL

Oh that's right, I'm a sewing WAHM....

I think I'm getting a little too preoccupied with knitting lately. I find myself knitting when I should be sewing or doing other things; like housework. I even have a knitting project by the bedside, now that's a little nannaish I think LOL
So should I knit like crazy for a few days so I get knitting burnout and go back to my sewing? Or just give in to the urges and allow myself to do whatever craft takes my fancy at the time?

I did manage to sew buttons on two dresses today and cut out pockets and patches for 3 pairs of shorts and overlock them. Not too bad I guess. Particularly when Lily only went to sleep at just before midnight *shock*

Anyway, I'm instilling a new knitting rule; no starting any new projects until all the others are finished. I have a bad habit of getting halfway through a project and then get new wool and get so overexcited that I have to start the new project, and so on and so on, and before you know it there are half a dozen ufos cluttering up my knitting basket.

So my ufos that must be finished are:~
  1. Yellow and white capris
  2. kool aid dyed vest
  3. leg cuffs on MWS ~ waiting on arrival of addis
  4. leg cuffs on CP soaker ~ ditto
  5. embellishment on hearts soaker and cuffs
  6. embellishments on gelati shorties ~ eta. finished :D
  7. rainbow dress ~ nearly finished the skirt

and then, and only then, am I allowed to start something new, which will be:~

  1. Wicked top for me
  2. MWS/EWS ~ have a couple of these to do for some arriving bubs
  3. scarf out of my pear tree merino
  4. cotton washclothes
  5. ooh, I really want to do the Jo Sharp sarong (and use it for a throw) in the latest mag but it's such a BIG job
  6. some longies for Lily
  7. firty skirt

I think that will do it LOL So there you go it; lots to finish and plenty more to look forward to :D

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some previews for ozebaby

So I'm going to be a little bit cheeky and put some previews up here before they go up on ozebaby. I'll add to this over the next few days :D

My plan is to get a bit more stock behind me so that during the GDUNH I can have a goodly amount of stock on the site showing the diversity of all my products ~ I'll need to do some winter items for this;

Ideally I'd like to have some of the following:~
Fleece longies
Girls pants
Boys pants
Baby doll dresses
skirts ~ peasant and A-line
Some new dress designs
some t-shirts maybe

we'll see how I go anyway. Looks like I've got a fair bit to do.

First a spotty baby doll dress

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt Sponsor prize

Well, I've been busily sewing away and have finished my sponsorship item for the GDUNH. Yeah!! Here 'tis! A size 1 pair of denim shorts with adjustable waist and pockets and patches in this gorgeous imported quilters fabric fauteing beautiful sea life (turtles, seahorses, seastars, shells and fish) I love love love this fabric; it's one of my new favourites.

Now these shorts are supposed to be gender neutral; the colours in the photos aren't quite accurate. The close ups of the pocket and patch are the closest for colour; the background colours are a definite yellow and purple.

So my question: is it gender neutral enough? I think so; what do you think????

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slowly getting back into

After Christmas and my self-imposed sewing and work break; I must say I've really had trouble getting back into it. I guess Andy being on holidays and living in a coastal town that becomes holiday mecca over Summer doesn't help.... nor the constant stream of visitors LOL My sewing room has never stayed tidy for so long, the machines even have their dust covers on.

It's just been so relaxing to sit and knit. I love knitting :D I just feel like I'm stuck in this holiday mode, which really isn't such a bad thing, nice and relaxing, just not a lot getting done... housework included LOL But I guess there's no reason as to why I can't have the same extended Summer break as Andy.

But I knew the time had come when I found myself trawling through the Michael Miller fabric catalogue. So today I've been working on a spotty baby doll dress...slowly. Tonight I think I'll do some cutting out; that always gets me excited!!! And then I best get onto that list of work emails ....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too hot to sew...

so I'm knitting

It's too hot to sleep too *sigh* It's getting windy so the change must be coming.

Anyway, two lovely pics to share tonight...

Firstly, is this one of some lovely Pear Tree merino (definitely the softest merino I have ever felt ~ it really is incredibly lush), a set of Art Viva needles and a pair of Lisa G stitch markers ~ cute little roses. I received this gift from my DH Andy for our 7th wedding anniversary for which the traditional gift just happens to be wool. So he took me to the LYS and we picked out these together. He's a bit sweet hey? Oh, and he also bought me roses and some candles.

I knitted him a lily (must take a picture) and gave him plenty of back rubs (he adores back rubs more than anything else in the world) He slept with the lily by his bed ~ ahhhh!!!

This second pic is of the fabulous stitch markers that I am getting for my birthday; yes, I know I'm using them already but they're too cute not too. They come from Patty Melon Knits and are made by Sam one of the four bags. They have little words on them; purl, knit, love, wool, frog; and when I opened them I found a bonus one which Sam had made up with Lily's name on it!!! The colours are really pretty!! I love them; (I can see myself getting addicted to stitch markers LOL)

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt

Ok, so I've decided to be a part of the GDUNH; but in my usual fashion am leaving it until the last minute to send in my sponsorship application. I'm going to do some size 1 shorts with some gender netral fabric similar to these one's here (which are actually a size 2) but different fabric :D I have some lovely fishie and shells fabric that I might use.

It was so much fun to be a part of last year so I hope they accept my sponsorship.

Today is the last official day of my time off LOL So tonight I shall start some sewing again...maybe!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Some shorts for Tully and Asher and something for DH

Now that Christmas is over, I can show piccies without Megsie snooping LOL These are the shorts I made for her two little ones; Asher and Tully. I had been saving just enough of my favourite turtle material for Asher as Lachie worked on turtles while they were in Canberra. Tully got a little Katanya mermaid (She's named Katanya as the only other time I've used this image was in a book I made for the NC Spring Swap for Katanya's little boy Felix, in it Katanya was a mermaid on one of the pages) this time the mermaid has red hair though (which bizarrely enough matches the Little Mermaid doll Tully got for Christmas!!!!) and it's finished with Kaffe Fasset pockets on the back. Mum made herself a bag in this material so it's cute that Tully matches her gran's bag!

And these sexy legs belong to my sweet DH Andy. I couldn't show you his face as you'd all be insanely jealous at his manly good looks LOL (actually he wouldn't let me) Here he is in his shark pj pants that I made for him~ very cute huh! Now he wants me to make him some denim shorts!!!

Some Christmas sewing

First up, a Christmas present for niece Abbey. We bought this Esprit top and made this A-line pink cord skirt to go with it. The cord is a thin pinwale so suitable for all year round. I put a pocket on the back and front and it has an adjustable waist. The spotty pocket matches the pattern in the writing on the top.
The third picture is Abbey in her birthday dress giving Lily a big hug ~awwww! She looks gorgeous in her dress.

A pair of custom shorts (shhhh) made to match a Sunshine'n'Lollipops t-shirt with the cars on it. These were heaps of fun to do.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Christmas break

We've had a great break for Chrissie. Spent some time at Andy's parents, then down to Mum's for nearly a week where we got to see everyone in the family.

Then for NYE we went up to the bush block with Megsie, Lachie, Tully and Asher ~ the girls had an absolute ball. Lily adored helping Pa feed the sheep; he was so patient with her despite her scaring the sheep away constantly by getting in their feed. She'd crouch down and put her hands on her knees and say "hello sheepies". Too cute!!! Even funnier was Tully chasing the sheep with a spoon trying to feed them; she got very annoyed apparently as they wouldn't cooperate.

Had some beautiful thunderstorms and rainfall, the girls had a grand time dancing in the rain, jumping and splashing in puddles ~ they were absolutely soaked ~ but it was so beautiful to watch. Nana would have had a fit if she'd seen that LOL

We came home to find a lovely green tinge to our back lawn ~ previously it was bone dry ~ we're on stage 4 water restrictions here (we don't water anyway LOL ~ we have a totally native and mostly indigenous garden)

I've had a great break from sewing and am feeling all inspired to get into it again but will leave it until next week ~ the only prob is the heat ATM it's so bloody hot here. But ideas are churning.
Have had heaps of fun teaching Megsie to dye wool and knit soakers ~ i think she's addicted to wool dyeing now ~ she's gone camping in Canberra and is planning on doing some while camping LOL It's been great dyeing with Megsie as she's an artist (painter) so she has an excellent knowledge of colour mixing which helped me a lot and she knew what to mix with what to get what colour precisely. I actually found a black food dye in the supermarket!!! I also bought some powder food dyes from Spotlight which turned out beautifully, some lovely and different shade from the Queens stuff.

I've done heaps of knitting. Finished one soaker, one pair of shorties (which I frogged as I didn't have quite enough wool to finish the legs) the back and most of the front of a vest and started on a new pair of shorties. I love knitting!!!!!