Friday, September 26, 2008

no peaking....

it' probably ok to now actually, as both recipients of these have received them; it's just the second recipient hasn't guessed yet know who they're from!

These little strawberry widelegs are part of a trade for little Zoe; they're to match a pint tshirt that her Mummy bought her earlier with the same strawberry fabric.  I decided to make them a bit more spesh with the strawberry applique. I made a little matching hairclip, but typically didn't photograph it!!!

These pair of shorts are for an Upcycle Swap, where the idea was to create/make/gift something that is upcycled from stuff that's already been used.  These are made from hemp/cotton and are recycled from a pair of Andy's old Rip Curl jeans circa 1997.  The dinosaur and back pockets are cut from fabric that comes from recycled vintage kimonos.  

I think they're pretty cool. I like how the fabric suggests a sort of reptilian feel to them. Ok, so strictly speaking I don't think dinosaurs are reptilians but hey, you know what I mean!!

And here's Lily with our gift from the Upcycle Swap. A gorgeous little pink bag found in an op shop and directed with a gorgeous mermaid with a cute sparkly tail. Just perfect for Lily to keep all her treasures in. It currently houses two hankies, a lace ribbon, a pink makeup brush, a baby sock, a wooden bead and three wrappers from some balls of wool.  All the important things in a three year old's life!  She's very taken with it as you can see.

Thank you Melissa and a big thank you to your gorgeous girls for their lovely card:D 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

because there can never be too much princess in your life..

well, possibly not true...

Last Saturday morning I finally sat down at the sewing machine enthused and ready to sew. Lily looked at me with her best cute look, batted her eyelids and said, "Mummy could you please cut up your blue dress for me today?"

So I relented. I'd been promising her I'd do it for sooo long, I didn't think it was fair to put it off any longer.
I wish I had have taken a photo of this dress pre-reconstruction, as it was truly hideous; in only the way a classic 80's dress can be. I bought it about five years ago at an op shop to wear to a bad taste ball.  
It had leg of mutton sleeves with the puff of the sleeve emphasised some internal tulle, a v-neck backline, fitted through the bodice and the skirt until the skirt puffed out about knee length or a bit lower and was calf length; sort of a fishtail design.  The front of the skirt was slightly higher than the back, and the underskirt lovely thick tulle. The finish off this hideous creation the back was complete with a bow and rhinestone buckle to emphasise the shine of the fabric .... hmm, very special. 

So with a hack of the scissors; some shirring elastic and a little bit of sewing, it was transformed into this spectacular and a little over-the-top princess dress.
The result: one very happy little twirling princess.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a fairy tale for tully

Once upon a time there were two little princesses. They were princess cousins who loved each other very much; so much so that they were best friends. Unfortunately they lived far far away from each other, which sometimes made them very sad.
They loved to go and visit each other so they could play together and share their wonderful princess games and stories.  They shared many games and jokes that no one else understood.  And when they were apart, they missed each other very much.
One day a parcel arrived in the royal post for Princess Tully and her brother Prince Asher. Inside there was a special pair of pants for Tully; a pair of princess pants.  They had arrived from the royal castle of Princess Lily.
"But I don't wear pants," said Princess Tully puzzled by the present for didn't everyone know that she was a dresses and skirts only kind of gal.
Far far away at the royal castle of Princess Lily, she too had received a special pair of princess pants exactly the same as Tully's.   Unlike Princess Tully, however, Princess Lily happily put her pants on and wore them. She discovered that they were great for splashing in puddles, riding her bike and dancing in her royal yard.  Princess Lily decided she quite liked wearing pants, they were quite practical sometimes and really, sometimes a princess does need to be practical.
By wearing her princess pants, Princess Lily discovered that there was something very special about them. They were actually princess wishing pants. Each time she wore them, she could think of her dear friend and cousin Princess Tully who had a pair exactly the same.  And she could wish that she could see her again soon.  

This magic wish would come true if the princesses happened to be wearing their pants on the same day and made the same wish at the same time.
oh, how Princess Lily longed for that to happen...

to be continued....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

panTts, pants, pants

Thought I'd catch up on some sewing photos; not a great deal really to show just some pants for one and all. These were all customs, gifts, etc. I do have a pair half done to go up in the shop though, as well as some shorts, so hoping to have a bit of a stocking in dribs and drabs over the next week. This warmer weather definitely evokes the sewing bud; a good thing really! Very soon I probably won't be able to reach the sewing machine for my big belly LOL

Some pink cord princess pants for the princess obsessed two; Lily and Tully. The first time Lily wore hers she managed to get them covered in mud and wet through to the knees jumping in every puddle she could find between the library and the park after a rather sudden and ferocious downpour. 
Tully, on the other hand, can't be convinced to even try hers on ~ she doesn't wear pants ~ not even those that are pink and have princesses on the pocket!!! Oh well, worth a try!! I might have to take a photo of Lily in hers to see if that convinces her it's ok to wear pants sometimes.

And for Asher, who is always appreciative; some cars.  He likes cars a lot!

And a custom for a very special little man, this was a special custom as Megsie did a matching tshirt for this little fella's third birthday.  Hemp denim with some beautiful Kristen Doran fabric used for the pockets ~ very special!!! 
And you've seen these on Lily in an earlier post but I like this image of the two Doran fabric pants together.
Hard to tell in this pic, but these are a pair of black flares for another very special little three year old .
I looove the Kona Bay fabric on these pockets. 

Friday, September 05, 2008

maybe...possibly...could be..perhaps...

the last fleece longies for this year.

Spring has definitely sprung here, it "looks" like it's getting warmer, the sun has more warmth in it and the buds are appearing on the fruit trees so my thoughts are turning to warmer weather clothing even if it hasn't quite warmed up.

It'll probably pour rain this weekend and return to winter weather.

so on second thoughts, maybe not.

this pair are a custom in a lovely Amy Butler paisley print.
this little dragonfly 
and this handbag will be appearing in the shop sometime over the next few days.
Right now, I'm off to convince my three year that I need a nap today.

Monday, September 01, 2008

some cardie love

I haven't been getting much sewing done at night in this third trimester; I've been resting and it's also been a bit cold to venture down to the sewing room when the allure of the combustion wood fire and a few balls of soft lush wool call.  So yes, I've been doing a bit of knitting.  More than you see here actually, but I'll add some other pics at a later date. Tonight it's about the cardies.

Lily as always, has been the benefactor of some knitting. Here she is in her new cardie, she likes it, as it's apparently a princess cardigan.  Thank goodness she has gotten over her dislike of green though!!

hmm, it looks like the two front panels are uneven here but they're not.
Yarn: The Knittery Merino DK "Wildflower" colourway; 200grams
Needles: 3.25, 3.5 and 4mm Knitpicks Interchangables
Size: 18 month with some mods to cater for a size 3 height; knitted size 4 length

Mods: I knitted the 18 month size for the circumference (as even the two year old finished size would have been quite baggy on her) but have added some extra length in the bodice equivalent to the size 4 to suit my average to tall (apparently!) three year old.

I've knitted the lace pattern for eight repeats and finished the skirt with a garter stitch border of about eight rows.  I think the garter stitch border looks a little less babyish than the picot edge for this age.  Added three buttonholes in the edging and knitted the garter edging with a 3.5 mm casting off with a 4mm to alleviate some of the bunching I've seen on some of this garment. Managed a sleeve length of approximately six inches and finished with a garter stitch cuff; giving it a three-quarter length sleeve.

I noticed when trying this on Lily today that there is quite a lot more room in the back of the cardie than the front. Considerably more actually, the front is a good fit but there's a fair bit of swing and room in the back.

And something for me :) This really doubles as a baby bump post too, although this pic is now actually a couple of weeks old; it's my 29 week baby bump. Think I'm 31 or 32 weeks now... maybe.  I'm not very good at this week counting thing!! I'm a slack blogger heh!
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Teal; 10 balls
Needles: 5mm Knitpicks
Size: xXS
I love love love this cardie!!! It's great to have something warm to wear over my bubby belly that's not sacklike or daggarama.