Friday, December 15, 2006

Abby's dress Part Two

Well, before we got to see Abby and give her her birthday dress, we went down to Warrnambool to visit Mum while Andy was in Townsville and it happened to be Demi's birthday. I hadn't finished Demi's birthday dress so she got Abby's LOL and I've just finished a new one for Abby for her birthday. This was a lot of fun and I'm really happy with it. The middle part of the butterfly is made from some fabric the lovely Leah gave me :D Thanks Leah :D Hopefully we'll see Abby this weekend and we can give her the dress.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting in the Christmas spirit

So today I officially started my sewing for Christmas pressies LOL Imade Andy a pair of PJ shorts ala Peter Alexander in a shark fabric ~ they just elastic and a drawstring. I've got quite a bit to do so best write myself a list of what needs to be done;

Mum ~best not sew for her, she is the bees knees when it comes to anything crafty ~ Last year I wrapped all her pressies in quilting material that was cool, she liked that. Still have noo idea what to get her this year.

FIL ~ Apron with Lily's footprints on it and written on it MY GRANDAUGHTER WALKS ALL OVER ME!

MIL ~ Dunno, maybe some PJ pants and I could applique a matching tee??? some cross stitched christmas decorations , i saw something groovy done with teabags, she likes tea, now where was that??????

Tim ~ BIL I got in the KK hmm, might have to ask Michelle. I'd like to make him something too; maybe some PJs (everyone is getting PJs I think lol) ; if I had enough time I'd knit him a beanie too as he lives in Ballarat BRRRR!!! Maybe I could do some nice bits on some towels ????

David ~ Got him in our KK he wants a tool ~ I won't be making that lol

Kidlet list

Josh and Brady ~ camping chairs with Megsie

Lauren ~ PJs lol

Zoe ~ baby doll dress or a denim skirt to match the tee Megsie is doing her

Tahlia ~ best get the same

Nikayla ~ singlets and tees/ pinnie??

Sean and Nathan ~ thought about macraming some leather wristbands/necklaces, maybe PJs too lol ~ what can you make 8 and 10 yearold boys that have EVERYTHING ????

Demi ~ peasant skirt

Tully and Asher ~ hmm, Megsie lurks here so best not say she might tell them LOL

Abby and William ~ appliqued Santa bags like the one I did Lily last year but machine appliqued

This is the bag I did Lily last year; we use it all year round to hold her pjs as it's not too Christmassy :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas decorations

Tomorrow is the break up for our playgroup. I planned to make Christmas decorations as pressies for the lovely ladies who run it but I left it until today and Lily decided today not to have a day sleep ~ 11 1/2 hours she soldiered on for with an exuberance of energy LOL.

So I dragged out the felt and whipped up these in no time at all! Pretty cute, I reckon :D

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some new stuff for Lily :)

It's nice to squeeze in a little time to sew for my little sweetheart; although at the moment with her going to bed at 10-11 pm I must say I'm not getting much sewing time. Oh well... lol

Two new items in her wardrobe...

A rainbow babydoll dress. Megsie bought this fabric in Adelaide and it is just too cute; I'll add some action shots as it looks gorgeous on. Because the fabric is so busy I decided to keep it simple.

Secondly, a pair of shorts with pockets in one of my favourite fabrics. I used this in a custom for Larissa and had only just enough for some back pockets ~ it's so pretty. Lily has a cauldron nappy in the same fabric but in blue.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Internet crash!!! ARGGGHHH!!

With the hot weather over the weekend (37 degrees both days) my internet provider crashed and it seems they don't employ people to work then. So it had to stay that way until this morning.

So my secret restock didn't happen. I will load all the info and other pics today and as long as no one else is planning a restock tomorrow night I will restock about 8pm (SADST LOL)

Of course,I didn't take the opportunity to do more sewing lol; instead I started knitting Lily's rainbow dress WOW!!! is all I can say :D

Thursday, December 07, 2006

DH's confusing Apple

Took some good shots last night of our sewing progress here but I've packed my computer away and am using Andy's flasho spicko apple computer (which I really don't knw how to use lol ~ so I can't upload the photos) Andy arrived home from townsville today BIG YEAHs from us so He might show me tomorrow if I'm lucky; otherwise I'll have to drag out the laptop.

Anyway Lily now has a very cute rainbow baby doll dress; and I taught Megsie how to make them so Tully has a gorgeous one too. While we were in shirring heaven I also whipped up three to put on ozebaby ~ but not quite finished yet!!

YEAH!!! figured out how to add photos on DH's computer. Here's a sneak look at the baby doll dresses made; the rainbow one is obviously Lily's. Tully's is the green/poink one, and the other two are destined for ozebaby.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Productive evening :D

I have seven pairs of shorts all cut and ready to go with fabric matched for their pockets and patches. Two pairs are for Lily though as she is in need of a new pair of shorts.

My sis Megsie, Lachie, Tully and Asher are coming to stay for the week on Sunday YEAH. We're going to have a sewing and craft blitz, so I bought some stunningly gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric 'Paper Weight' to make some cute little sundresses for Lily and Tully. Should be fun.