Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stars camo preview

A little preview of some shorts I've just finished. I'll sneak them up some time over the next week with a few other bits and pieces. :D

What happens when DH goes away and NC goes down....

My sewing room becomes incredibly organised and tidy LOL

I paid a visit to the Hardware store and bought three big tubs to store my fabric as there is now too much for the bottom of the cupboard ~ eep!!! and the other bottom cornercupboard houses all my wool!!!

In fact, much of the house is incredibly tidy. I even culled my shoe collection down to 52 pairs ~ a pretty neat effort really. So they're all neatly laid out in my wardrobe too. :D This morning Lily selected a pair of pink and orange wedge heels (going out shoes) to wear with my cargo pants ~ nice one Lily!!! She definitely has a penchant for heels and dresses.

On the down side, there is a bird stuck in the roof and the side vision mirror on the car broke on the way back from Mum's on Tuesday ~ I had to fix that with some gaffa tape LOL ~ some jobs for Andy when he gets home :D

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ric rac rummage

I love ric rac and ribbons, and as you can see I've been having a bit of a rummage through my collection. This is a little preview of a dress that will appear on ozebaby at my next stocking.

Abby's dress

Our darling little niece Abby recently turned four; and this is the dress I have made for her birthday. I know her mum will really appreciate it as she doesn't sew and loves it whenever she can find anything handmade or when MIL makes Abby stuff. It's always nice making something when you know it will be appreciated :D

The butterfly applique is done in cord and ribbon and ric rac. After a few washes it will fray beautifully around the edges :D

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lily's geisha dress

I recently made some very special dresses for a customer but in order to do so I had to make sure that my ideas worked so Lily scored some new dresses. This is one of my favourites. It's made from a geisha print fabric I bought in Adelaide in May. The other side is a navy spot.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today's purchases

Another visit to my favourite fabric shop (where they know my name and my taste LOL) and this is what I came away with. Love the cowboy boots, when I laid it down to take a photo of it Lily started dancing on it. I also like the contrasting images of the war ships and the hibiscus flowers in the Hoffman print. and you can never go past a MM stripe, think I'll make something with this and their Pirate fabric as the colours match beautifully. To top it all off, two lovely girly cottons to make Christmas PJs. Nice shopping!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas sets

Yeah!!! They're all done and they look awesome!! Well, I think so anyway!! Megsie did a fantastic job with the t-shirts; they are absolutely stunning. She designed her own stencils and hand cut them. I love the fact that they're stencilled back and front and she's made me some matching material for the shorts'/pant's pockets. :D She's made a deliberate effort to make sure they're different from what other people who do hand-stencilled clothes are doing both in design and style of the design.

Well, we've put them up for auction so will have to see how they go.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gorgeous singlet

OK, so strictly speaking not fabric but had to share this gorgeous singlet Megsie made for Lily. She's made the tees to go with the Christmas sets; which are looking awesome :D Hopefully they'll be finished and ready to go up by the end of the week.

Overseas fabric arrived!!

Yeah!!! I just had 8 glorious yards of the most divine fabric arrive in my mailbox, beautiful beautiful, Michael Miller, Andover, Kaffe Fasset and Alexander Henry. So much gorgeous fabric, can't wait to play with it but must finish the Christmas sets first. Two done, two to go :D