Thursday, January 19, 2012

a wrap

Last night I was cruising through the back blocks of my blog in the vain hope that I'd blogged the recipe for peach sorbet from last summer. I hadn't. I had blogged some lovely beetroot relish and my very famous zucchini yoghurt carrot cake, but no peach sorbet.

I did, however, stumble across this post. A wrap up of what I'd knit in 2010 and my PLANS for what I was going to knit in 2011. Plans, I thought! I had plans! Who would have thought! Obviously, I  had forgotten completely about said plans, which is pretty understandable given that I am the type of person who deliberately avoids anything approaching routine or a plan. Just ask DK. If he ever asks me what time I'll be back, or what time will I be going to the shop or whatever, I always answer, "Time? You know I don't work on time."  He probably finds that pretty frustrating, hey.

Anyway, it was pretty fun to look back on and compare my 2010 to 2011. Apparently I knit less last year than I did in 2010.  17,788 yards knit last far in comparison with 18, 411 yards from 2010. I had hoped to knit 20,000 yards in 2011 but not to be.

My tally for projects in 2011 was a staggering 73!
14 dishcloths
13 cardigans
3 jumpers
6 vests
2 skirts
1 blanket
1 pot holder
2 dolls
16 items of dolls' clothing
11 hats
1 pair of socks
1 pair of leg warmers.

What was most interesting from this post was my knit list for 2011. It was, perhaps a little optimistic for one who doesn't do plans. You can probably guess how I went, but hey, let's assess it properly.

Here's the list:

so with that in mind my to knit list for 2011 is going to be a little indulgent, a little selfish and a little bit about ME! 

(well, as much as knitting from stash will allow it [yes, yes, I'm pretending that I'm attempting to knit from stash again this year... the joke's on me..yes, I know])

hmm, so what would I like to knit for ME? Browsing my Rav queue elicits these suggestions:

1. Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.
I've wanted to knit this cardigan EVER since it came out.  I even have the yarn to do so, some lovely Knittery Merino Lace.... it's just the prospect of balling over 1000 yards of lace weight yarn is a little daunting!!!
FAIL!  I did put the yarn in a project bag ready to be balled...but I'm guessing that didn't really count.

2. Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston
Another Cardigan I've had in my queue forever and also have the yarn for. I'm going to knit this in WOOLganics worsted. Just have to decide on the colour; Gondwana or Sangha. Hmm, perhaps the Gondwana and then I could use the Sangha for Gudrun's Shaldar
FAIL!  Did not even come close to knitting this. I do still love it, though!

3. a new winter hat, something slouchy and comfy. maybe Rose Red or ripely.
SUCCESS!!! I actually knit myself two winter hats... go me!!!

I knit meret

as well another one I'm still yet to share photos of.

4. some mitts, not really sure on contenders yet.
Any suggestions?
FAIL! I did start some Elizabeth Zimmermann mitts in some noro but admittedly they were for Lily, and they never got finished.

5. A little red cardigan; possibly lacy suitable for layering as well as over sundresses. maybe liesl
Ohh ohh, I nearly said a FAIL! BUT I DID knit a little red cardie, just not the liesl... but rather one of my own design... and one I haven't blogged yet either.

on the not so selfish front to the list needs to be added:

6. a school cardigan for Lily (Can't stand those horrible fading navy windcheater things that pass for school wear) Just need to find some navy organic yarn?? any suggestions??

7. A couple of skirt designs I'm already itching to get started on.
Partly done! I did knit two skirts, but both are the same design. I still have to knit the prototype for the second one.

8. A couple of tops that ditto, I want to whip into shape.
Honestly, I'm now not sure what these I don't know whether I did knit them or not! perhaps not!

9. Design my first adult garment. I have two contenders here.
Yes! Success...but this garment (which is now in testing) was neither of the two contenders I was thinking at the time. Still working on those.

10. A beautiful pair of embellished longies with chart from watermellish for Toby. His last pair of longs probably!
FAIL! And truth be told, I doubt I'll knit another pair of longies until we have grandkids (OMG the thought!!) I suspect Toby might be a bit old for longies now... might have to embellish a jumper with that beautiful design I was considering.

and that is it. 

Most of all, Im pretty proud of the fact that I published 19 new patterns in 2011. WOW!
That's actually more patterns published last year than I'd previously published in total!

So what did you achieve in 2011?
Did you get your knit list done?

Is it just crazy to have such a list?
What's on yours for 2012?


  1. 19 new patterns and 73 projects is AMAZING!!! Well done you! I love your goal for 2012. Mine is similar - to knit, "just because" :) I had lots of goals in 2011 including putting up a pattern for sale which I did and knitting 11 shawls which I also did but this year I just want to knit whatever I want.

  2. As a just above beginner knitter, to me that seems huge.

    I did less knitting this year, but learnt to quilt and embarked on a somewhat ambitious full-sized hexagon quilt by hand project which I hope to finish this year.

    I also want to knit a stole or shawl but haven't found one that's exactly what I am looking for yet.

  3. I have just knit your Sid Beanie, great pattern, just posted a blog about it too! I love your Meret beret I've knit that too. You know what I live beside the seaside too! Love your blog, only found it today.


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