Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dishcloth domination

I have this plan for 2012, it's not really a resolution but more a plan to get more people knitting.

More people knitting is always a good thing, I think. Knitting makes people calmer and happier and less likely to commit stab other objects, that may or may not be human. Well, that's what it does for me anyway.

So yep, that's my aim...more people knitting.
How am I going to do this?
Well, I have a little secret weapon in my arsenal. A little weapon that has proved successful so far.

That weapon is the humble knitted dishcloth.

Have you ever washed your dishes with a knitted cotton dishcloth?
They are the bomb! And seriously once you've been there, you won't go back.

I've started the last two years with a bit of a dish cloth knitting blitz.
Last year I gave a couple to my older sister. She love love loved them. And guess what? She's now knitting them and passing them on to her friends.  I knit them regularly for my other sister.  She's too lazy to knit her own. Well, she's not really. She just knows I will knit them for her. 

I gave one to a friend the other day, and guess what she love love loves them. I suspect she will knit herself some. I've given one to my MIL as well.  The seeds are being planted...

So this got me thinking.  Dishcloth domination.

I think most people who don't knit or can knit a wee bit, would look at a dishcloth and say, "I could knit that."  And they could! These things whip up in such a short time, you know.

So my plan is to gift two dishcloths per month for 2012 to susceptible targets.

I have my non-knitting sister in my sights next. She has coveted the dishcloths (which were really facecloths) that I knit my Mum.  I'm going to send her a couple...but I'm going to include a ball of cotton with them and the pattern. Subtle. She will be putty in my hand.

You know how the rest goes from there.... knit a few dishcloths then perhaps decide you want to try something bigger.... and then before you know it, you're a knitter. woot!

So that's my plan. Do you want to join me in my dishcloth domination?
Please do!! It will be fun. We can share our conquests.

Or perhaps as a non-knitter or beginner knitter you're feeling the need to knit a dishcloth?
Well, here's my pattern of choice. Grandmother's Favourite

My favorite yarn for knitting dishcloths is Lily Sugar and Cream, but any hardy 100% cotton will do the trick. I'm pretty sure I've seen something at Spotlight, but if not you can buy it online at yarn over

P.S. sorry about the lack of recent blog love.


  1. Love bamboo and cotton dishclothes. Knitted or crochet doesnt matter... fantastic house warming pressies. You can clean a filthy bench top and just throw it into the wash!

  2. I find it hard to believe you have a non-knitting sister!!
    I am on the dishcloth buzz at the moment too, gifted one today in fact!

  3. They're so quick and easy and hard-wearing that it doesn't take long to have more than you need yourself. I'm ready to start gifting them. I like the idea of including a ball of cotton!

  4. I actually have two-non knitting sisters, Sarah! disgraceful, isn't it? They should be ashamed of themselves, I think. one crochets so that's sort of ok, but the other really has no excuse!!!

  5. can we knit microfibre dish cloths? lol that's the only thing holding me back. They do GREAT dishwashing, but I like my microfibre (BG NB inserts lol) for the stainless, the glass and the benchtops bc it's streak-free finishing.

    Is it possible? a m/fibre dishcloth?

    But yes, I hear you. knitted dishcloths ROCK! :)

  6. I've taught a couple of friends to knit by using a dishcloth/face washer. One had grand ambitions to knit a blanket as her first project. I gently guided her to a dishcloth as a starter!
    The school I work at has a knitting project each year with the proceeds going to charity. One year it was knitted sqaures that were eventually crocheted together to make a blanket for someone in need. Another year it was mug hugs, then palm warmers. This year I've suggested dish cloths.
    I knit them for loads of people too! I get a bit carried away with the ones that have images like mice and frogs that pop out!

  7. Kristy, I think if you can find microfibe yarn, you could. I've never looked for it! You could cut old clothes into strips and knit those up, a bit like a rag rug.... they'd make super cleaning cloths!

    LOL I have nappy inserts that have become cleaning cloths, enough to last me forever!!!

  8. My knitting sister has been meaning to make these and has been telling me about these for months. I'm doing to do one this month, then finish the Milo next month. Great to have you back!

  9. Might try them with my Brownies... that'll spread it to another 20 or so.


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