Wednesday, February 15, 2012

peachy keen

We've hit that time of year again where we are almost quite figuratively drowning in peaches. Despite windy weather and ill-timed heavy rains which I thought was going to destroy our crop, we have had a bumper peach season. So much so that I am considering becoming a professional peach farmer.. the peaches we grow are that damn good. Even the dude who delivers our organic fruit and veg box each week thought so when I gave him some. They are sensational.

So while I am wallowing in peachy goodness with "millions of peaches, peaches for me..." playing endlessly in my head I have been getting down with the peach preservation party. I've made peach cake, peach cobbler, dried peaches, stewed peaches, flat packed frozen peaches, peach sorbet, peach compote, peach jam, peach preserves, peach cordial, peach daiquri and some other peach drink I can remember the name of which was champers and yep, you guessed it, peaches!

We're eating peaches cut up every morning for breakfast with our yoghurt...yum yum!

I've given away a tonne of peaches and we're always eating them straight from the tree but I still have a date or two with the kitchen left for some chutney and more preserves and compote.

What's your favourite thing to do with peaches?
do you have any great ideas of what I can do with the last of the glorious peaches?

I think I can just about see the bottom of the last bucket... then I best pick the last of them from the tree!

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  1. Ha! My plum made list is almost the same as your peachy one. Unfortunately while we are almost drowning in plums, we don't have a single peach tree to speak of. It's too cold for them here. Shame. I do love a good, juicy peach. x

  2. I am a kiwi living in the UK and missing decent peaches! You lucky things, enjoy!!! I catch up on a few good peaches when we go camping in France in the summer, or in NZ when we get to have a trip. Yum!!!!

  3. Peaches, my absolutely favorite fruit. Have you tried pickling them?

  4. Favourite thing to do with peaches? Cut off a little wedge at a time and use it to scoop up and scoff some Farmers Union full-fat Greek style natural yoghurt, yum!

  5. Pickled peaches? I didn't know you could, Julie! Off to google recipes.

    Mmmm, Meg! That''s how we have ours for brekkie each day, except with Gippsland Dairy organic natural yoghurt or Meredith Goats Yoghurt. yum yum yum.

  6. I sometimes add ginger when I pickle them. Be happy to share how my "recipe".

  7. I am currently making peach jam..... but some of those other recipes sound very yummy... maybe your next thing should be an e-book of peach recipes! (with a free kg of them!)

  8. Im hoping to plant my own peach next year but an Alberta,do you know what your tree is?


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