Wednesday, April 20, 2011

out of the wilderness

Once again I've been MIA for a wee bit. We decided to take advantage of the school holidays and the last bursts of pleasant weather to take the kids away on a little family holiday. So off we went to the bush block.

Despite the hope for a continuation of the fabulous weather we've been having it was wet and a bit on the chilly side. But this did mean there were plenty of puddles to explore.

There was a also train rides to be had,

trees to climb,

hide and seek to play,

lots of wandering, walking and exploring.
As well as a big trek to the gem fields!

Jetties to hang out on,
(and if you're Toby, apparently throw your toys off and into the dam! eek!)

water to explore and paddle in,

so so so so many dragonflies to wonder at,

and just a little bit of knitting.

Just ...  squeezed in amongst the beautiful distractions.

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  1. What a lovely vacation and such sweet photos. I seem to be hooked on your patterns by the way--I think after the great Sorello adventure I am ruined for life regarding other designers. I tried a Just Jussi pattern and after frogging it 8 times, I finally abandoned it and began a Bloom instead. (I must admit that I kind of messed that one up too, but am motoring through.) I am hoping to join in the May Milo event--matchies for my Grandies--one newborn, and one toddler size!

  2. Looks like a lovely spot and as though you all enjoyed yourselves:)


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