Thursday, May 12, 2011

creative space: the noro love

Today I am feeling the noro love in my creative space.

Well, to be honest, I've been feeling it for a wee little while now.

It's all Elizabeth Zimmermann's fault; although I doubt she ever knit with Noro, the blame is definitely hers... well, sort of.

It began fairly innocently, as these things usually do. My LYS EZ KAL night; April's task was the Mystery Blanket. To me nothing says mitered squares like gradient yarn, and well my LYS stocks Noro. I decided to do a couple of squares in Noro Kureyon.., just enough for a wee little lap rug for Toby.

Innocent start really. Fast forward a couple of weeks, 6 balls and 15 squares later we have this rug awaiting its border.

Well, that was the plan, but......

When I looked at it, I sort of decided it needed another row of squares, rather than 5 x 3, it needed to be 5 x 4.

And so now, I've cracked a seventh ball, and have three squares to knit before I start on the border.


In the mean time I've also cast on a milo for my rainbow girl... in noro silk garden lite.

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  1. i agree tik, it definitely needs to be bigger. By goodness it's a stunner!

  2. Can never have enough Noro ;) Beautiful!

  3. LOL I have visions of it ending up big enough to fit on our queensize bed!!!

  4. yes,,,and bigger photos too! its too lovely. i want to see more....what is the square pattern? x

  5. I should really blog. I have a noro silk garden light blankie on the needles but in mitred squares.

  6. So lovely! I almost did my Milos this month in Noro---but wasn't sure how they would turn out.

  7. Figured out how to make the photos bigger from the iPad! Yay!

    The pattern is the Mystery Blanket from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.

    Yes, you should be bloggin, Rachael. I miss your posts!

    Kim, the silk garden lite is great for the milo but it does grow a wee bit with blocking and wearing, so definitely don't size up with this yarn! Toby's favourite milo is in silk garden lite.

  8. Beautiful - you aren't tempted to make it big enough for you?

  9. Gorgeous yarn! I've not seen 3D squares like that before - very cool. I had a little chuckle at your being finsihed... are you sure you don't want 5x5? :)

  10. Looks great Tikki. Well done. You could keep going and claim it for yourself. I love the noro colours:)


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