Monday, April 04, 2011

Ziggy: sweater #9.

Even though I haven't yet shared with you any photos of sweaters numbers 7 and 8, I am going to jump right onto number 9.

This is Ziggy, which the autocorrect thingy on my iPad keeps changing to Piggy, hmmmm.

 I'm skipping along to share these photos because it seems so few and far between that I knit for the wee boy. And I really really need to remember to do more while he's still relatively small. He's just hitting that stage where I can no longer get a jumper out of 200g so it's not going to be long and he'll be towering over me and refusing to wear hand knits!! eek, what a future!!!

So while he's still so very very cute and sweet and little and it's approaching winter, I'm going to deck him out in the most gorgeous and cute little boy knits that my wee little brain can muster up.

Quite honestly, boys do miss out a bit when it comes to new knitting patterns. I have to be honest and say that if I look through my visual diary at the sketches (really badly drawn ones, I assure you!) they're mostly girl knits! There's just so much more scope for girls.

This one I wrote specifically for this yarn, which is one of my favourite colourways. Do you know how much I love this colourway? Loads! So much so that I actually have it on three different yarn bases!

The yarn is Treliske organic merino, a lovely lovely New Zealand yarn which is a pleasure to knit with. This is the first time I've knit with the new construction of the Treliske. Previously, I've only used the old crepe, and you know, I really do love this yarn. Why do I not see it around as much anymore?

The colourway is Brassica and comes from evoke. This is the same colourway that I used on my first milo vest.

I designed this jumper specifically for beautiful hand-dyed yarns like this one from evoke. Such variegated yarns are quite popular and I do have a few in my stash.

I wanted to create a design that would work well with variegated yarns but still have a bit of interest to it. I thought the zig zags and the mixture of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch would work well with the variegateds, without it getting too busy.

I used the trim, well, to be honest... because I can't quite get a jumper out of 200g for Toby anymore! I also do know that those who love variegated yarns sick, also have a bit of a fondness for matchy matchy trim yarns too!

While i was knitting this jumper Toby would often refuse to try it on, and even when I first finished it told me he wouldn't wear it!

However, I put it on him this afternoon, took him down to our local park at the end of the block to see the ducks and ...... he didn't take it off for the rest of the day!!!

So yep, this is Ziggy. Another boy pattern in the works at last!
Watch this space for more details on the emerging pattern!!

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  1. I agree with you - boys do miss out when it comes to clothes. There are seems to be so many more items for girls.

    The sweater looks great. Now I'm wondering how the zig-zag will look in plain yarn. :-)

  2. Its just gorgeous, and I agree on the Treliske thing too. Many of the NZ knitters have never used it which is crazy! I just finished a pair of longies for C with it, and I rekindled my love too :)

  3. That's awesome. Finally a stylish not-plain design for a boy. I'll be keen to know when it's released. Love your work :)

  4. The Ziggy jumper is gorgeous! Ziggy is one of our boy baby names that we never got a chance to use.

  5. Gorgeous!.....:)
    I love the colour.

  6. I love Ziggy - the gorgeous colors you used too. I agree, boys do seem to miss out on designs dont they.

  7. Stunning- both the model and the jumper!

  8. Every time I look at this I love it even more, and you know my boy misses out on so many knits as well so I really should make a point of knitting this for him....

  9. If it comes big enough I definitely want to knit this when it's available. Youngest would love one in green.

  10. Hooray!
    It really does look gorgeous in that variegated yarn.
    I definitely need to make one for my Zebby. :D

  11. thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    I am going to make a concerted effort this year to design a few more boy knits!! I have some ideas playing in my head.

  12. It's gorgeous, can't wait to give it a go for Logan. Have to agree I find I knit more for my girl - this one will be great though, especially considering it will be a knit for Logan with Zoe's nickname (she's a Ziggy too!!)

  13. And I'm hoping this one's released in time for me to knit it for Kurtis' kinder photos at the end of June.... No pressure but I have already ordered the wool lol

  14. lol no pressure at all Sandy!!!
    I shall do my best just for you!


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