Saturday, April 02, 2011

march flies by...

I'm feeling bit of a sense of deja vu as I write this. As I started thinking about what I had to say I had this strange sense that I've already written this post, so much so that I actually had to hastily read my blog to check that I hadn't.

Perhaps it's sitting in my drafts somewhere. who knows.

But yep, I'm going to say it, March really has flown by. If you asked me what I've achieved since my last post, it probably wouldn't be much. I don't think I've managed to knit much, I know I definitely haven't sewn, and given that we're still waiting on insurance issues to replace our oven, I certainly haven't been baking or cooking. So what have I done?

hmm, I did organise a birthday party for our 6 year old and her 20 something closest friends. Don't ask. But it went surprisingly well and quickly and was heaps of fun!

That cake is all about the fairies, in case you're wondering. I'm pretty chuffed with my little toadstools that I thought up all by myself (mini marshmallows and white chocolate cooking melts)

Next year's party is already planned, a sleep over and a visit to Sovereign Hill apparently, with just her bestest cousin/friend.

Today my little six year old reminded me just what a wee one she still is. The conversation went something like this;
(We were doing some grocery shopping and Lily decided she would like some sausages (organic please, mum) for dinner. So there we were looking at the organic sausage range;
Me: Do you want lamb sausages?
Lily: LAMB sausages!!! Lambs don't lay sausages. ( exclaimed rather loudly)
Me: (laughing in shock) Lily, where do you think sausages come from?
Lily points at the vicinity of where babies or eggs come from.
Me: um, from what?
Lily: Sausage dogs, Mum....

Yes, I did laugh. I couldn't help myself. Neither could the man standing behind us.

Then I asked her, "Lily, you do know that butchers make sausages don't you?"

She tried to convince me that she was just tricking but later did tell me that she really did think sausage dogs laid sausages... I am so glad I don't eat sausages, I don't think I will look at them in the same light again.

Actually, I'm not sure she did eat her sausages tonight either.

I was so surprised by this! Lily is a pretty bright little girl, we talk about all sort of deep things. She knows where babies come from and how they're made (despite the girls in the school yard telling her they come out your belly button), she knows who the Prime Minister is and we often have in-deep conversations about environmental issues (She can't understand why so many people drive to school and has come to the conclusion that footpaths are bad for the environment because of the nature they cover up).

In all honesty though, I have never thought that I need to explain where sausages come from. Have you?

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  1. Nope. I haven't had to explain where sausages come from (that's pretty innovative thinking to fill in the blanks though, I think, good on her!) but I have had to explain that Fire Trucks don't ~bring~ the fire...

    I also had to answer a 4 or 5 y/o asking 'what's gravity' and 'who was the first person here before there were people'... both while driving... hmmm lol It's all in good fun and learning, right.

    ps the little mushrooms/toadstools are ~very~ cute.

  2. I think we have made sausages at home, so I'm pretty sure they know where they come from.
    I love that my 4yo son explains that dinosaurs disappeared because a huge meteorite hit the planet and killed the plants, so the plant eating dinosaurs died, and then the meateating one died cos there was no food. My fave little budding science geek :D
    Cake looks awesome. You are a brave woman catering for 20......

  3. oh my.ROFLMAO!!!
    i have a friend with a sausage dog.....I dont think I will ever look at him the same either!!!!

  4. The cake looks great - perfect for a fairy loving girl - well done on the toadstools:)

    LOL at the supermarket explaination. No - have not been asked where sausages come from. LOL at the school yard belly button explanation - Csetions maybe?

  5. Happy Birthday Lily you make me laugh.


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