Monday, March 14, 2011

flash as... a video

a little video to demonstrate how to work that kfPSOkb. That's that little manoeuvre that I use in the underarm cast offs to make it nice and neat in the milo. If you've only ever knit the milo, in some later patterns I decided to give it a name, and kfPSOkb made the most sense. That's knit front pass stitch over knit back.

Anyhow, here's the video. Hope you like!

PS I have no idea how to get it to go smaller so it doesn't overlap on my side bars, sorry!


  1. Awesome! This would have come in handy back here ( when I struggled with this move. Next time, I'll know where to go.

  2. Teeheehee I forgot how Australian you sounded :) Of course, I probably sound even more kiwi now.
    Great vid, you can tell you were a teacher in a previous life!

  3. Betty, I've been meaning to do this for so sooo long, so I hope it will be handy for you!

    I shall add some closeups from finished garments to so you can it in the whole garment.

    LOL I probably have more strine due to the early hour Andy made me shoot this due to the great morning light. I was still on my first chai of the day!!! Nasty boy!!

  4. Great vid Tik, I see that it has been Andified too :). I love that youtube follows it up of offers of various tikki related curries hehe.

  5. Great video, I've done the rainbow dress twice and both times wished for something exactly like this so that the instructions made sense. It is really well done. And a fantastic idea to come up with a technique like you've done. What is the music in the background?

  6. hehe Mary maybe i should follow up with some curry vids too. How could I not make use of Andy, he's got to be useful for something!!

    Thanks Trudy. The music is from an indie Ballarat band of the 90s The Dead Salesmen. (permission given for its use)

  7. Great Video, thanks for sharing.


  8. Great to hear I am useful for something after all - he he he.
    The last lyric in the soundtrack from the video (Deadsalesmen) says: 'The answers have been found'
    Perfect hey!
    It was great to work with you on this little project tik. :)

  9. What a great video. I am working on a bloom right now, and I think this might be in the directions for that garment also? I need to go check, and if so, I will be forever grateful for this video.
    PS: I adore you accent! :)


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